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There are specific laws and procedures to follow in the production of adult material and in making it acceptable for listing on We have taken the time to explain things in great detail in our New Producer FAQ. If you have not fully read and understood the information in the New Producer FAQ then go there now and read it all.

If you have read the New Producer FAQ but have additional questions, please ask them now before moving on to the application.

If your video is in full compliance with the laws and policies discussed in the New Producer FAQ and you are prepared to send in the film and all of the required documentation then you may proceed to fill out the online application to become an AMVC Producer. All three parts MUST be completed before you can be accepted.

International Producers

Since the majority of our applicants are from the USA, the application form is geared to USA applicants. However, there is enough flexibility to suit International applicants. If you are outside of the USA and find questions you cannot answer, please place a few dots (...) in those fields so that you can complete the application. Be sure to include your country name in the address blocks.

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