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New Producer FAQ's

How Do I Stream My Video?

  • AMVC has close working relationship with AEBN, the largest and most popular streaming porn system on the web.
  • You could apply to join AEBN on your own but they do not accept most small studios and you will have to work your way through their application requirements, film submission, and data info/regulations on your own.
  • can join AEBN through AMVC. Take a look at these benefits!
    • You won't be turned down because you're too small...small is what we do best!
    • Joining through AMVC costs you get the same commission as if you'd joined AEBN on your own!
    • We handle everything for you...we submit the videos, the documentation, the DVD covers, the promo images, the texts descriptions, the spreadsheet data info...everything!
    • Your porn videos are live on the AEBN system about 6-8 weeks after we release them on AMVC.
    • Most producers find that their AEBN streaming revenue is a lucrative addition to their AMVC sales revenue.
    • You just sit at home, shoot more porn, and cash your monthly AEBN commission checks.

  • We also work with other streamers that we will not list here because of competitive reasons. Signing your regular AMVC contract allows us to market your videos to these streamers unless you're already listed with them. Again, we handle everything for you but the revenue is handled differently. These streamers send the commissions directly to AMVC and we send you 50% of that revenue included (and detailed separately) in your monthly AMVC checks.
  • These other streamers are not as fast at getting new films listed and their sites are not as popular, so their revenue is usually less than AEBN, but we believe that every piece of revenue adds to your bottom line, so why not go for as much as possible. Something is better than nothing?

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