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Young Love #2

Three attractive, young couples open up their private moments for your viewing pleasure by allowing cameras to capture their intimate moments in bed while making love.

Mark and Summer:

After dinner and wine on their patio, this young couple wastes no time getting into bed and taking their clothes off. Summer knows she needs to get Mark rock hard so she can have what she wants, and Mark knows how to pleasure his woman. After giving each other some great oral stimulation, including a great 69, Mark quickly get down to pounding pussy with purpose. When he shoots his load, he covers Summer from head to ass.
amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn

Eric and Veronica:

Eric wakes up with a stiff morning cock and wants Veronica to give it some attention. He doesn’t want to wait, so he is pretty aggressive about getting what he wants. Though she is still not completely awake, Veronica obliges Eric’s needs. Becoming more of a gentleman, Eric eats out Veronica with some passion before fucking her in several positions. Veronica wants more and climbs on top of Eric and takes what she wants from him. Eric shoots his load all over Veronica’s face.
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amateur homemade porn

Kyle and Emily:

Wanting to fulfill their fantasy of making a videotape of themselves having sex, Kyle and Emily get a camera, set it up and make their first sex tape together. Plenty of foreplay, dick sucking and pussy eating ensues for their audience. They mix it up with several fucking positions before Kyle unloads a monster cum shot all over his amateur co-star! Kyle wonders if the camera caught it all, and of course it did, as you've just watched the whole thing!
amateur homemade porn
amateur homemade porn

Young Love #2

Young Love #2

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