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Curious Boy Larry

Larry is a good friend of James from Curious Boys First Time #3. During Larry's tour of duty in Iraq, they corresponded, and were looking forward to seeing each other upon Larry's return. James talked Larry into doing a solo video and I talked Larry into doing a video with James. Larry's curious side took over and the boys had a gay ole time.


Larry is 20 years old and has just returned from his tour in Iraq. Before he goes home on leave he needs a few xtra bucks, and if he can get that money by getting naked and jacking off in front of the camera, he'll do it. After a brief intro he's ready for some fun and quickly gets down to his underwear while massaging his cock. He's asked to stand up, turn around and drop his drawers. Nice ass...and his muscle boy pose gets a 'mmmm' from the cameraman. Hot bod! When he turns around we can see how excited Larry is. He glances over at a mirror,(he likes looking at himself naked) and makes the comment, ''I love my cock''.

Larry settles down in the bed continuing his stroking and playing with his hole. I wasn't aware of his toy interests but he picks up a small butt plug and inserts it. Not satisfied with the small one , he picks up the big dildo and teases his manhole a bit. ''First time'', he says. After some lube is applied he rams that dildo up his ass to the hilt. Our curious boy was showing his true rainbow colors. Then in a surprise move, he removes the dildo and immediately takes it in his mouth...deepthroating it...slobbing so much you'd thing the dildo had just let loose with a cum load. After more cock and hole play he's ready to cum and positions his legs over his head, aiming his dick at his mouth. The cum flies and Larry's mouth and tongue are there to meet it. Finger licking good cum. A quick shower and a request to come back for a hook up ends this scene.

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Larry and James:

These two Army buddies are supposed to do a simple side by side jack off scene, but then James gets a bit bold and puts his hand on Larry's leg. At first Larry objects...''no gay shit'', he says, but then admits, ''it does feel good''. Larry keeps glancing over at James' package...his curiosity is getting the better of him. I have them stand up, turn around and lower their tighty whities. James puts his hand on Larry's hot ass, and Larry does the same....feeling James' ass and running his hands down his thigh and calf. They turn and face each other...cock to cock. James reaches for Larry's cock, stroking and bring their cocks together. Larry's smiles says it all...he's enjoying this a lot. I decide it's time they go to the bedroom.

In the bed they play with their cocks and once again James reaches over and fondles Larry's leg...then his cock. Soon, both our horny boys are stroking each other, and enjoying the taste of each others cocks. Bottom boy Larry straddles James and takes his hard cock up his virgin ass. Later, Larry says to James, ''Fuck my face''...and James obliges shoving his dick deep into Larry waiting hot mouth. They finally settle back on the bed and jack their cocks to climax. Larry let's loose of his GI cum first and James quickly follows.

In the shower they lather each other up, groping and rubbing up on each other, enjoying the warmth of the water and their hot bodies. I know Larry really liked his first time with his buddy James...and I have a feeling there will be more gay ole times in the future.

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Curious Boy Larry

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