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Aaron's First Orgy

Andy is from Nebraska where he studies theater and directing. Cody is from New York where is also studying theater. Tommy is from Maryland where he works as a gardener. Gabriel is the hot Israeli hustler from NYC that started off Aaron's Casting Couch video. Sean is the good looking and oh-so-sexed-up dude in the third session of Aaron's Casting Couch.

The action here is what you'd expect from an orgy video, everyone is all over everyone else. My personal favorites are Cody and Tommy, the young, waifish ones, but Andy and Gabriel will appeal to those who like their young men more on the manly side. Aaron is Aaron and he easily morphs from twink to stud and back again in the blink of an eye. The sucking and slurping sounds of young men at play are a joy to the ears as the initial ''get to know you'' group grope settles into an oral extravaganza. Aaron and Tommy work over Cody's cock then shift into a three man daisy chain with Tommy's smooth ass in the air.

Andy and Gabriel start making so much noise that it gets the attention of the three cocksuckers and everyone gangs up on Gabriel. Soon three guys are licking his cock and Gabriel is sucking down Aaron's curving cock down his throat. In true orgiastic fashion this grouping doesn't last long as it shift like the desert sands to other exciting combinations. Aaron is the first one to get fucked when he rubbers up Andy's thick cock and sits down on it. Andy is more than Aaron expected, I think, and he has to slow down a few times until Aaron gets used to his size. When Gabriel gets Andy's cock up his ass he sees what all Aaron's fuss was about.

While Gabriel is getting plugged by Andy, Aaron has worked his cock up Tommy's slender little butt and is pumping for all he's worth while Tommy is sucking down Cody's rock hard cock. Then it changes again and Andy is fucking Gabriel who's fucking Aaron who's fucking Tommy who's sucking Cody. When Sean finally shows up he has to get up to speed so the five guys all get on their knees and Sean gets to suck them all back to steely hard. Aaron orders a change so Cody gets down where Sean just was and sucks some heavy-duty cock for himself.

When Aaron tells Sean to "bend over and suck somebody" you know what's coming and Aaron hard shaft sinks deep into Sean's exposed and more than willing butt. Meanwhile, just a few feet away, Tommy is getting his ass reamed out by Gabriel. We get side-by-side fucking going when Cody plows Sean's ass while Gabriel is hammering Tommy's butt then it all shifts around again and we get three pairs going at it with Gabriel, Tommy and Sean getting fucked by Aaron, Andy and Cody. Boy that looks like fun!

Gabriel is the first to cum as Aaron is pounding his ass and Tommy is licking his nipples. It's loud and intense and there are still five more orgasms to go. With all the guys gathered around, Cody shoots his wad on Sean's face and kin his open mouth...That's two. Tommy is the boy-toy in the middle next, with Sean's cock up his ass and Andy and Aaron's cock close at hand when Tommy pops his load on his own tight tummy. Three down. Sean was getting plowed by Andy's thick cock and when Andy pulls out, Sean shot off. Only two left.

Aaron and Andy are in the home stretch as Andy plugs his cock deep into Aaron's hole and lets him have it hard and fast. Andy pulls out, and shoots his wad all over Aaron's body and Aaron load is not far behind as he adds his own spunk to Andy's load. That's six orgy-induced cum shots!

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Aaron's First Orgy

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