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Aaron's European Friend

Aaron's European Friend began when Scott, an online acquaintance from Vienna, Austria, indicated that he wanted to fly to America to be in one of my videos. Or more accurately, that he REALLY wanted to fly out here and be in one of my videos. So he came out and spent a weekend with me. I filmed him in three scenes, and then filmed a fourth two weeks later between two of the other actors on the tapes. This video has my smallest cast yet, but there is nothing small about it at all.

Aaron and Scott:

The first of the scenes that happened, this scene was actually filmed my by husband! (Talk about an understanding fellow!). Scott and I started talking on my bed, started making out, and rapidly got into the fucking and sucking. Scott topped me in several positions before we finally shot all over each other.

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Aaron, Scott, Leo, and Gabriel:

I invited a whole bunch of my friends to come over and have an orgy. Not everyone showed up, but the four of us were there. And weren't we glad! We sucked and fucked each other in a number of positions, and generally climbed all over each other the way a fourway should. Little Leo was particularly into being fucked that day, and Gabriel, myself, and Scott were all happy to take turns doing it. Although plenty others of us got banged too!

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Scott and Leo:

The two of them hit it off so well in the fourway that they asked me if they could film another scene together that evening. I was more than happy to agree! The two of them came over and Scott porked Leo on my very de-virginized bed again. Watch for some seriously hot pictures of this scene in a few days. (And incidentally, the two of them very nicely helped me get off after the scene. Very polite of them, eh?) While everyone has their different tastes, in my opinion this is one of the hottest scenes I have ever filmed. Maybe it's because I find both of them so hot, but for only the second time ever I jacked off while editing one of my tapes. And not just once, but twice! Both to this scene, too.

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Leo and Gabriel:

Although Scott's visit came to and end, the action certainly didn't. I needed one more scene on the video so I asked the two of them to get it on. They were more than happy to comply! This time Leo played top and he threw Gabriel on his back and fucked him in several positions. My bed got a break in this scene, as we fucked in Gabriel's apartment in New York.

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Aaron's European Friend

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