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Dreams and Desires #2
The Best Of The Twinks

Amateur Video Scene 1

Andrew is 18 and Fernando is 21. They are lovers. When you see them together you know they are lovers. The scene begins with these two lovers making out in a pool room. The deep kisses and passionate touching are not directed. When the underwear comes off the dicks are already hard from the passionate foreplay. Andrew is extremely cute, light skinned and young with a fairly long cock. Fernando is darker, in very good shape and sports a thick uncut cock. Each of these guys pleasures the other in many ways. First, Fernando kneels as Andrew sits on the edge of the pool table and sucks his dick. Then the two switch&and as good as Fernando sucked Andrew, Andrew makes Fernando's eyes roll back in his head immediately. Close ups of Andrew working on Fernando's fat cock show that he is well rehearsed in the art of sucking dick. The two then mount the pool table and Fernando goes to work on Andrew, playing with his balls as he tongues his mouth and fingers his ass. The two suck away passionately in a 69 position for a while before they fuck. Andrew is on his back as Fernando shoves his fat, raw cock into Andrew's aroused hole. As big as Fernando's dick is, Andrew apparently enjoys it and wants more and more. Fernando jerks Andrew as he pounds his ass hard, and then Andrew sits on Fernando's fat cock so he can control the penetration. When Andrew leans backward to slide the cock up his ass further, his boner is pointing straight up to the ceiling. Then Fernando wants his lover to really feel a hard cock, so he pounds Andrew doggie style with a mean thrusting, and Andrew is out of control with pleasure. Fernando then puts Andrew on his back and sits on his naked dick, rubbing it with his ass ferociously. How Andrew can keep his ungloved cock from exploding is a wonder, and without warning he lets out a gushing load all over his stomach. Fernando wants that freshly milked cock up his ass, so he plunges it back in and strokes himself until a healthy load spurts all over Andrew. The camera fades as the two lay next to each other as they savor their extraordinary sexual encounter.
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Amateur Video Scene 2

Christian is a cute young dark haired twink with the look of a skater and Robbie looks like the cute young professional guy from the office. They are in bed together and waste no time undressing each other and servicing each other's cocks. Christian has no gag reflex because you see him swallow Robbie's 9-incher over and over again without a hitch. The side view of a huge cock being swallowed that far down may make you gag, but it does not faze Christian! He works that dick like it was a big fat string of spaghetti that he could slide down his throat. He finds Robby's sensitivity to having his balls sucked to be a turn on. He swallows Robby's balls as Robby twitches in pleasure. When Christian plays with Robby's ass, Robby's cock stand up and falls back on its own. You can see Robby's body twitching in pleasure to Christian's touches. A side-by-side 69 session ensues, and Robby works on Christian's balls as well. Then Robby does some deep tissue butt munching to prepare Christian's ass for a mean pounding. Christian feels every one of the nine inches, and Robby rams his cock in and out, banging his balls on Christian's ass with force. When Christian is pounded on his side, it is a wonder that Robby's dick doesn't pop out of Christian's belly button. When the two reach a full frenzy, Robby is on his back thrusting up into Christian as he is in a back flip position riding up and down on the dick at the same time. It's hard to tell who is fucking who, but one thing for sure is that they both love it. Each one unloads a big wad of cum, and the sweat dripping from Robby as he gushes shows how physical and intense the fuck session was.
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Amateur Video Scene3

After an afternoon of cruising online, Antonio gets a knock at the door, he gets a package telling him he gets one wish that will cum true. He wants a hot Latin top to fuck him good, he scores and right before his eyes Giovanni appears. Antonio is all over him.. A hot make-out session ensues with both boys stripping each other down. When Antonio notices how huge Giovanni's cock is, he goes right to work on it, swallowing every inch of this 8-inch cock. Giovanni stands up and starts face fucking Antonio. Giovanni then lays back and pulls Antonio on top of him into a very hot 69 with both men moaning, groaning and taking each other's cocks deep into their throats. Giovanni then puts his butt boy on his Stomach to pound him like there is no tomorrow. After the intense pounding, Giovanni and Antonio lay back to finish each other off. Giovanni screams and erupts with a hot load of cum all over his legs and stomach. Antonio, so turned on by the scent of freshly blown cum, gets him to the point of no return, Antonio's body then begins to spasm, and a hot creamy load comes shooting out of his cock.
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Amateur Video Scene 4

The first thing you see in this scene is a gorgeous, well-built young man with a dick to die for. It is simply a very large cock with nice low hanging balls protruding from an athlete's body. Every move of this guy's cock requires a lead car with a sign saying "Wide Load." One of the most erotic things about this guy is the ways his balls jump and down the entire time he strokes. He has a long sack for them to move around in, so when he contracts, you see the balls moving up and down, even to the point of encircling his enormous and fat shaft. Good-looking, in-shape, hung like a horse&can you ask for anything more? Watch him squeeze and twist his cock in ways you never knew could be done. Even when it is soft it is still two hands full. Cerge decides that it is time to get a little bit wilder, so he pulls out a 12" dildo and precedes to sit right on it taking every inch of the toy up to its handle. He then lays on his back and pounds his hole with his new rubber lover till he explodes with a huge load of cum all over his chest and tummy.
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Amateur Video Scene 5

Tim Reynolds arrives home from his motorcycle ride, jumps into the pool, finds a strange note telling him his dreams are about to come true and before you know it there are two other hot and hung young studs next to him ready for action. This three-way of cute twinkies features Tim Reynolds, a very cute dark haired spunk; Bret Nielson, a blonde/blue All-American type with a slim body and fat cock; and Julio Lopez. a nicely toned Latino with a monster dick. Tim is the bottom, and he enjoys the hell out of the two guys fucking his ass with their big cocks. He loves to suck one while the other goes up his hole, and he is insatiable as the two take turns pounding Tim's ass over and over. Bret is absolutely gorgeous when he sucks cock. His cute All-American boy next door face sucking cock is erotic as hell. When his dick is really hard it looks like an iron pipe that could bruise your face easily. There is plenty of sucking and fucking going on here, and the three are so comfortable with each other that their sex is not only fun to watch; it is also fresh, hot and exciting. All three have generous cum shots, but the two boys with the big dicks have extra thick and creamy loads.

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Dreams and Desires #2: The Best Of The Twinks

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