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American Made #4
The Best Of The Solos

Producer's Note: The fourth and last solo tape produced by American Male Studios presents six very masculine, handsome and athletic 20-something studs who are all well hung and horny. Several of these guys have never worked for anyone but this studio, so chances are you will not see them elsewhere. American Male Studios was purchased by CustomBoys, so if the American Made series continues it will be under that studio.

Andrew Skyler

Andrew is very masculine, with a deep voice and thick cock. He is a very handsome, fit and toned stud who lies down on a pool table and strokes his cock for the cameras. In his interview he reveals a little about himself, but when the meat between his legs is revealed there is nothing that can avert your attention. Andrew works his fat cock like a pro, and when it is time for the load to be delivered, he does so with energy. His first cum shot is clear up to the top of his chest…almost to his neck. He asks how he did, and without a doubt the answer is ''fabulous.'' Now…let’s see this guy get it on with another guy!
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Brad Young

Brad is a dark and sultry kind of guy who is ruggedly handsome and very sexy. He knows how to pleasure himself and make the action enjoyable to someone watching. He is really into his jerk off session, making each and every stroke count. With a little hair on his body, a slight build, beautiful eyes, a tempting mouth and a perfect cock, Brad could be a soap opera hunk or Brad Pitt’s little brother. Watching him play with his dick and balls is an absolutely wonderful sin that needs no forgiveness. His facial expressions are telling, and his load of cum spilling out onto his chest is a wholly satisfying experience.
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Mark Broner

Surfer boy Mark enters his apartment after a long day and wants only to get off. He wastes no time. He plops down on the couch, whips out his cock and goes to town. Mark is a sandy blond surfer with a swimmer’s build and some blazingly wild tattoos around his nipple and belly button. It takes only a few seconds for this guy to get a good stiff boner, and a darn good-sized one it is. He loves to work his shaft with long deep strokes. The beach bum look gives way to passion as Mark gets close to orgasm. He gets very animated and pops a healthy load that sprays all over his body.
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Chase Chandler

From beach bum to clean cut and serious. Chase Chandler could be your boy next door who promises to be a successful young executive. When he enters for his photo shoot, just taking his clothes off makes him hard. He is a bit apologetic about having a stiffy right away, which makes him very endearing He doesn’t just pose for the camera nude…he produces a large dildo and inserts it rather easily up his tight ass so the photographer can get some close ups. Don’t look for this set of photos in the next Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. After his photo shoot, Chase goes into solo action. That hard on is back with a vengeance, but Chase tames it with some artful strokes. He then fingers his ass and reaches over to grab a shorter but much fatter dildo, which he again is able to insert with ease. Seeing such a slim young man easily absorb a very thick dildo is highly arousing. He works it so well that he has to cum with it going in and out..
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Giovanni is up next. This guy has to be close to 8.5 inches. He's tall, thin, toned and loves to show off. On top of it all, he smiles and lets you know he enjoys stroking his big fat cock for you. He is a cute young Spanish boy who is tall and hung. Lying down, you get to see his hefty sausage smacked around, stretched and rubbed until finally, as he is lying down on the bed, he milks it for you. A nice juicy load that makes its way out to his tight stomach. He is really into the orgasm and contracts and releases with great power, he then Proceeds to explode with a second load of cum.
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Todd Best

Todd is a bit more hunky than the other guys in this volume. He also has a hairy chest. He is in great shape, has an excellent smile and loves to ham it up for the camera. His cock is mouth watering with a very thick vein across the top that makes it look totally masculine. Todd treats his meat rough, and it responds well. He also likes to show his ass and spread his cheeks. Todd goes through several poses, including one where he lies down and plays with his nipples while his cock is literally throbbing hard. He teases a number of times before getting on his knees on a black leather sofa and spurting out a great big load of thick white cum. This guy is hard as a rock for the entire scene and delivers a more than satisfying payload at the end.
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Sandy Sloane

Sandy is a fairly well-known porn star who seems to never age. He still must get carded when he goes out to the clubs. With an All-American face, short blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, smooth white body and a sensitive pink dick, he is vulnerable, sweet and sexy all at the same time. Sandy lays back on his bed and allows us to enjoy every inch of his body.

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American Made #4: The Best Of The Solos

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