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Arabian Men #1

Arabian Men #1, Part One: Arabs. Americans. Can they get along? Watch Arabian Men #1 for a definitive answer! Beginning on a naval base in San Diego, California, a hot, butch, blonde, sailor-engineer surveys his warship docked in the blue-watered bay. The cold, stark, solitude of the ship adds to the mystery of a package the American sailor suddenly receives from somewhere in the Middle East. Wrapped in Arab language newspaper, a DVD is discovered. The sailor pops the DVD into his laptop in a secluded area on the ship and watches first with trepidation and confusion, but then with amazement and erotic pleasure...

Amateur Video Scene 1:

In an unnamed Middle Eastern town, two Arabian beauties sit in a simple, modest room. Taymullah, a rough-faced, hard-bodied Arab is being serviced by his pretty-boy manservant, Jafan Al Din. The whitewashed walls of the impoverished dwelling contrast with the deep, dark skin of these stunning Arabian Knights. We see what really goes on behind closed doors in Arab countries: two men loving and worshiping each other until their loose-cotton clothes are torn off. Jafan begins to dick-slap his face with Taymullahs giant uncut cock and then sucks his buddy like a deep-throating, tongue-dripping vacuum, proving that sex isn't just had with their black-veiled women. After some intriguing close-ups of Taymullahs face moaning in ecstasy, he turns Jafan over to ready his hole for fucking. Then the shots become even more close-up, beckoning the viewer to enjoy Jafans tight furry hole, as if the viewer’s saliva is what’s being used as lube! Jafan whimpers in blissful pleasure, knowing that his ass will be abused by Taymullahs huge man-pole. Then the viewer is treated to yet another close-up and this time of Taymullah's gigantic cock being punctured into Jafans crevice, which begins an amazing ball-busting fuck-session that is not to be missed

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 2:

When a scene begins with hot Arab boys sucking each other's toes, and licking the sweat off of each other's legs and abs, you know the scene will be searing! When the boys begin to sixty-nine each other, we really see the full scope of Rayyan's monster cock, especially with the tight, professional, interesting camera angles that float in and around these hotties while they are eating each other's dicks, as if Allah himself were there to witness the scene! An explosion of pure, white Jizlamic Juice erupts from both boy-beauties and is spread all over Bashshars washboard torso.

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 3:

Ghazwan-Hadi and Zakwan are two Muslim musclemen who waste no time at all in exploring each others jumbo-sized, uncut cocks. Inches upon inches of Islamic dick are sucked and swallowed. In the foreplay leading up to the fucking, cute-boy-faced Zakwan writhes his ass in lyrical motions, until Ghazwan-Hadi finally thrusts his Persian pole into his taut, awaiting ass. The scene ends when both boys blast big globs of thick, gooey cum!

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 4:

Numair, a tattooed, mosque-going muscle-man gestures for Dhakir, his young buddy, to play with his cock, hardening it so as to abuse the asshole of Dhakirs bubble-butt. Close-ups of the two Arab sex pigs show every detail of their antics from the hairy ass licking to the dick-spurting finale! If you like rough-faced middle-eastern men, and cute, Baghdad boys, you’ll cream over these two hotties!

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amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 5:

In what is most likely the Arab worlds first filmed three-way, we are treated to curly-haired Imtiyaz in the middle of two dark, Arabian beauties. To his left is Ferran who sports a 13-inch man-pole that’s one whole ancient cubit long! Clean-shaven, smooth-boy Shihad is next to receive the wet and warm pleasure of Imtiyaz tongue and throat. Creative camera angles from below show the viewer how much he is enjoying his afternoon snack of two giant, uncut rods. When he gets on his knees, it isn’t to pray to Mohammed, it is to prepare his ass-crack for plowing. How he manages to take in all 13-inches of Ferran into his firm butt-crack is a miracle akin to a magic genie. At the end of the scene, abused-boy Imtiyaz gets glazed with buckets of white man-cum sprayed all over his young face.

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amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

Arabian Men #1

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