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Cruising To Orgy

There must have been something in the water at the world famous Homo Sapiens this day because everywhere you look someone's getting some action. Every hot stud and sexy twink that walks through the door ends up sucked, fucked, fed, or pounded. The day just gets hotter and hotter until the sexual tension reaches a harried level and all the cruising of the day leads to a no holds barred orgy with lots of big dick, long foreskin, and creamy cum. Alexander has brought together some of the hottest Latin men in the business. Must have been a hot day on the set.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

While Tommy Lima is sitting at the bar chatting up the hot Heriberto Ponce who's behind the bar, we take a trip into the bathroom. Miguel Torres is one of the hottest things in the world. Evidently Hugo Lopez agrees. As he steps out of the stall and spots Miguel at the pisser he can't seem to look away. Miguel fucks his face like a hard before he climbs up the boy's ass. One of the hottest things about Miguel on film is how clearly he enjoys having a hot hole wrapped around his big fucking dick. It's incredible watching his hairy body drive his huge cock into this smooth twink before Hugo's back on his knees getting his neck fucked by Miguel. It makes you think the scene is about to end but Miguel sits back on a urinal and pulls Hugo right back onto his prick. It's not long before Hugo's back on his knees and cumming on the tile with Miguel's cock back in his face. Miguel dumps an amazing load in Hugo's mouth. I'd have loved to walk into that toilet while this was going down!

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amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 2:

Back at the bar, Tommy Lima is rubbing an impressive bulge while giving Heriberto Ponce his undivided attention. Heriberto, like pretty much any guy in his right mind would, invites Tommy behind the bar for some fun. After a hot make-out and groping session the boys are naked and Tommy's big bone is up Heriberto's tight ass. These guys are both hung and built like a couple of brick shit houses. They finish off standing next to each other behind the bar. Seems that their cocks drained one of the best cocktails ever mixed and I wasn't even there to place my order.

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amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 3:

The cruising never stops in this place, but who's complaining? The flirtatious Javier Renteria and Armando Campos quickly draw a dreamy Esteban Mendoza over to their table. Esteban's hands are all over Armando while Javier watches. Before long, though, Armando's standing and his two buds are both working on his slim body. After all three guys trade some head, Javier takes a jab at Esteban's furry ass. It doesn't stop Esteban from sucking Armando's cock, though. Armando shows his gratitude by taking a turn up Esteban's hole while Javier sits nearby fisting his prick. Esteban gets a turn up Javier's hole too, though. His prick s too big to get all the way to the balls but both guys seem to enjoy the fuck. All three studs shoot massive, creamy loads on Esteban's torso. I'd love to be the guy giving the tongue bath to clean all that sperm up off his hot chest

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amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 4:

Back at the bar Tommy and Heriberto chat as we seem to float into a dream sequence with Niko Tomiar and Hernan Medina. Not being much for talk, they are shirtless before you know it and Niko reminds us that he may well be half donkey as Hernan starts sucking his unbelievable shlong. Hernan backs up on that tree trunk and takes it like a champ. After a good long pounding he falls to his knees to take a load as big as the cock that it drains from all over his smooth chest. The grin on Niko's face after he squirts is nut tightening. I'd love to have taken Hernan's place wrapped around Niko's massive prick.

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amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 5:

You'll think you've died and gone to Heaven as this scene becomes so full of hot muscle and sweet smiles that you can't imagine another guy will fit. After the group of studs has congregated at the bar, Heriberto takes charge of the sexually tense room by inviting all his customers into the back for a strip show. He and Oscar Blanco shake their asses for the guys assembled and put on a show that can't be ignored. The rest of the crowd seems okay with sitting back rubbing their own crotches until Manuel Lozano gets on stage. Before long the beefy Israel Amezquita has climbed up for some action too. He's soon followed by Alfonso Rosas, the adorable Martin Soto and the always horny Tommy Lima. The guys start with some groping, kissing, and stroking that soon leads to a full on orgy. As these guys start rimming, fucking, and sucking it's hard to keep track of who's on top and who's on bottom. The lucky bastard running the camera may have been the only one to keep score. It all culminates in a circle jerk with Manuel Lozano playing point for all six of the studs surrounding him with a lot of cum going straight into the lucky fuck's mouth. I never get enough of watching this hot stud sucking up cum. Wish I could have fed him some myself. This movie proves, without question, that Alexander still has lots of hot ideas in his head. It's also reassurance that he's going to keep putting them on film so that we can get them into ours! Alexander Pictures has to be one of the hottest studios making porn today. Makes me want to travel to Spain. Seems a guy couldn't get bored there!

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amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

Cruising To Orgy

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