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No Rest In This Room

The fucking and sucking that takes place in this mall toilet is some of the hottest to ever be recorded. There really is No Rest in this Room. From hot cops to young twinks, the variety of men getting it on in this place will keep you hard and stroking. As always, Alexander delivers hot bodies and huge cocks with foreskin to spare. Good luck getting through this film in one sitting without squirting. Don't worry, the dudes are hot enough to get a couple loads in a row out of your balls. Try to avoid the urge to go get a job at the mall, though.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Watching Hernan Medina pick out his porn mag and vibrator is enough to get any guy boned. This hot twink walks through the mall, picks out his favs from the porn shop, and heads straight to the restroom to check them out. He's naked and stroking with that vibrator up his ass in no time. Before long a humpy looking Cristo Torres walks into the toilet in his cop uniform. He doesn't seem to notice the moaning from the stall as he pulls his cock out. Close behind is another cop, Miguel Torres, who offers up a little horseplay by way of slapping Cristo on the ass. Miguel's cock looks like it's already half hard as he pulls it out a couple urinals down from Cristo. These two cops are checking out each other's fat dicks when they notice the sounds coming from the stall. They drag the twink out of the stall and handcuff him to the urinals. Miguel's nightstick goes straight up Hernan's ass with nothing more than spit for lube. He reams this boy good before stripping down and getting some head from the boy. Hernan's not the only one that can take a fuck. Big beefy Cristo bends over for Miguel's fat prick, too. All three guys blow loads big enough to make your mouth water. Wish I'd been there, mouth open, to save all that jizz from being wasted!

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 2:

Seems Hernan's in no rush to go anywhere. He climbs back up on the toilet to cool off but finds that his two hot cops are quickly replaced by a couple of sweet, young guys. Esteban Mendoza and Miguel Montalvo are so into each other's cocks that they don't notice Hernan enjoying the show from the stall. Esteban is a sloppy mouth cocksucker with a deep throat. He's also hung like a fucking mule! He and Miguel are swapping head when, Victor Jimenez, the maintenance man, walks in and gets an eye-full. He's caught them and takes full advantage of it. Only moments after he's walked in his fat boner is in Esteban's wet mouth and then right into Miguel's. The boys take turns getting Victor's cock lubed with spit before he takes turns throwing a hard fuck up each twink's hot ass. These guys shoot almost at the same time. I'm jealous of the cameraman that was under their drooling cocks when they finally did unload. No way he walked away dry!

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 3:

At this point it's become evident that Hernan has the best seat in the house. Seeing no reason to leave he is quickly rewarded with the entrance of Daniel Trejo and Omar Juarez. While Daniel is washing his hands, Omar has his big meat out at the urinal for a quick stroke. A short conversation and some meaningful glances soon lead to the unveiling of one of the tightest bodies in porn. Omar looks as if he were designed for fucking. His fat cock is up and out of his workout pants and into the mouth of Daniel before you can get your lube out. Omar eats Daniel's ass like he starving. When he plunges his cock up this boy's ass you can almost feel it. Both of these studs shoot enough cum on the marble counter that it should shine for days. Would love to be the guy to walk in and find that on the shelf. I'd love to have had to clean that up when they were done.

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 4:

Never to be disappointed, Hernan has a short wait before a sexy Christian Duarte walks into the bathroom. It seems innocent enough as he checks out the DVD's he's just bought that he quickly tosses back into his shopping bag when he's joined by his buddy, Niko Tomiar. The guys are checking out the covers when in walks a hot muscled stud who proceeds to take a piss. The two buddies are blatantly staring when Christian pulls out his purchase and shows Niko that the dude at the pisser is none other than the hot Tommy Lima from the cover of his DVD. Tommy laughs when he realizes he's been recognized but quickly uses his stardom to get in the pants of these hot boys. They don't seem to mind being used. After he sucks their cocks the two friends spit-roast Tommy with Niko taking up the rear. Just when it seems like his fat prick's going to split Tommy open the muscle stud pulls off the dick that's fucking him and gets his own ass-pounder up Christian's ass. Christian can definitely take a fuck. When Christian flips Tommy, though, he proves to be just as good giving it as he was taking it. Watching is too much for Niko, though. He unloads such a huge fucking nut all over a stall door that I'm determined to get a job cleaning this mall bathroom. He gets dressed and leaves Christian to finish up Tommy's ass. If I'd been Hernan, there's no way my tongue wouldn't have been cleaning up Niko's mess. Wish I'd had the chance!

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

Amateur Video Scene 5:

After this hot threesome it seems that Hernan should have been out of luck. Not so much. When Gregorio Guerrero walks in looking like a Greek fucking god it doesn't seem it can get any better. The addition of Manuel Lozano proves that life really can be perfect. He gets down on Gregorio's cock like a man obsessed. Just watching Gregorio's body flex while Manuel sucks his cock will get your first nut of the scene out and in your cum rag. When Gregorio starts ramming Manuel's sweet hole it's reason enough to shoot a second. Add to that a voyeuristic Pedro Pineda and you've the makings for more than a guy can handle in one sitting. Gregorio and Manuel slow down when Pedro first enters, but when Manuel realizes the young fuck wants to watch he starts pushing himself back on Gregorio's cock so hard the whole mall must have heard that nut slap. When Gregorio shoots on Manuel's back it's time for the next batter up. While Pablo's built much thinner than Gregorio he's hung even heavier. Manuel takes his second fuck from the hot twink while a never sated Hernan watches. Watching Pablo shoot right on Manuel's fucking tongue is enough to make anyone squirt. Wish I could have had a nice deep kiss with the hot fucker to share that load. Hernan has to be one of the luckiest dudes to ever cruise a toilet. The guys he got to have and see will make you want to get dressed and go to the mall pisser. Well, good luck!

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amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

No Rest In This Room

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