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Dirty Filthy Man Sex

From Billy Norton Videos

62 Minutes...Live Sound

Amateur Video Scene 1:

We start with four scenes featuring hot hung twink Orion Cross. This young man loves to suck cock, eat cum and get fucked up the butt. And we set out to make him happy! First we paired him with his real life boy-friend Luke. The boys start by making out on the bed, rimming each other's ass and tenderly kissing. Then Orion removes Luke's boxers with his teeth revealing his partner's hard pierced dick which he vigorously sucks while Luke eats Orion's ass and inspects his hungry boy hole in vivid close-up. Finally the boys get down to some hard bareback action with Luke pounding Orion's bubble butt and Orion riding Luke's hard cock while lifting his cock and balls so you can see the passionate penetration in close-up. The fact that these two guys are real-life partners lends an extra dimension of intense eroticism to their fucking. You can almost feel the heat between them. Eventually Luke shoots his hot creamy spooge all over Orion's hot ass followed by Orion dumping his load of smooth boy batter all over Luke's face.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Next, Orion in a white jock-strap goes to work on some straight-boy cock. Meet Justin - porn virgin, cute, buzz-cut, muscular, curious and horny. He lays back in his black wife-beater and dirty white sox, shows off his tattoos and lets Orion service his hot bod. Then the tables are turned and Justin sucks off Orion before fucking him hard and shooting hot gobs of straight-boy jizz over Orion's cock and balls while Orion busts his nut on his own smooth belly and chest.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

In this scene Orion wears a black jock-strap to accentuate his hot bubble-butt as he uses a clear butt-plug on himself. He licks it before pounding it into his quivering ass and then jacking off on his back while fingering his boy-hole before fucking himself with the butt-plug again as he moans and groans with pleasure while shooting his creamy load all over his smooth belly.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Next up is a foursome featuring African-American stud Kamrun, cute athletic Brad Slater plus Luke and Orion again. This time Orion is hungry for cock and immediately starts sucking hard on the three stiff cocks in front of him. Then the guys lube up Orion's eager butt and he gets fucked bareback and hard by Luke while sucking hungrily on Kamrun's thick black man-meat. Brad shoots his hot spooge on Orion's face and Orion sticks out his tongue to catch every last drop. Orion is now on his back being pounded bareback by Luke in a leather cock-ring. ''Oh my God, you're making me cum!'' he yells as he involuntarily busts his nut. Then Luke shoots his hot man-juice over Orion's hungry face and mouth before Kamrun splatters Orion's face with streams of milky white cum. We end with a slow close-up of Orion's face covered in three different loads of cum.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Now we meet Justin again. This time he's alone and looking at porn mags while playing with his dick and ass through his boxers. Before long he's stripping out of his underwear and showing off his hot hairy straight ass. Then he's licking a red but-plug before sticking it up his receptive ass. ''Feels so good'' he gently moans as he bounces up and down on the pleasure tool until he shoots his creamy load all over the sheets with the butt-plug still rammed up his ass.

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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Now we watch Brad and Kamrun fooling about in the living room. Kamrun plays with his huge rock-hard cock through his soft cotton briefs while he plays with Brad's naked ass. Then Brad is kneeling in front of Kamrun's dick, sucking the big black weapon while fingering his own erect cock. But Brad soon finds himself kneeling ass upwards on the coffee table while Kamrun rims him - licking and sucking Brad's cute boyish butt with his inquisitive tongue. Finally Kamrun fucks Brad on the couch. ''It hurts'' moans Brad but Kamrun just keeps pounding Brad's tight hole. We end with both boys busting a nut and rubbing their creamy jizz on their hot bods.

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Amateur Video Scene 7:

Next up we meet Latin stud Enrique Currero for three scenes. First we paired him with cute twink Jason. They start by sucking each other's hard cocks and then Enrique is eating Jason's smooth boy butt. He beats his hard cock against Jason's ass before fucking him in a variety of positions ending with Jason on his back, legs spread wide, tight boy-hole exposed as Enrique cums on Jason's balls and fingers Jason's ass until he shoots on his own belly.

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Amateur Video Scene 8:

This action is quickly followed by Enrique fooling around with European twink Max - making him suck on a dildo before sticking it up Max's ass. ''Nasty little bitch boy'' Enrique taunts. But Max just laughs. Then Enrique is fucking Max hard, pounding his tight boy-hole until Max shoots his hot load onto the bed and Enrique splatters cum on to Max's back.

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Amateur Video Scene 9:

Now Enrique is dressed in a security guard's uniform. He lays back on the bed as former military guy Antonio strips Enrique out of his uniform and sucks his cock. Enrique plays with Antonio's ass as it insolently hangs out of his shorts and underwear, exposing a hungry hairy crack. Then Enrique is sucking Antonio's big fat Latin cock before climaxing over Antonio's ass and back. Now it's Antonio's turn to play with Enrique's firm tight ass. He rubs his big piece of Latin meat along Enrique's ass crack while Enrique lays submissively face down on the bed. We give you several close-up shots of Antonio's big uncut dick as it rubs on Enrique's ass crack, showing off Antonio's foreskin moving up and down under the pressure. Finally Antonio jacks off onto Enrique's hot ass, squeezing every last drop of jizz from his fat cock.

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Amateur Video Scene 10:

We finish with a few quick solos. First up is Brad again. He plays with his hot ass and fingers his tight hole. From time to time he looks straight into the camera. He knows you're watching him as he jacks himself through his black underwear and rubs his nipples before getting completely naked and shooting his hot spunk all over his smooth belly.

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Amateur Video Scene 11:

Now it's Kamrun's turn to play with his hot black muscle ass. He slaps and strokes his butt for you, spreading his cheeks wide and showing off his moist twitching hairy black hole in close-up. Then he's jacking on a bed until his hot creamy spooge explodes into the air, runs down his stiff cock and onto his balls and thigh. It's such a spectacular cum-shot that we show it to you again in slow-motion (including sound) to capture every last hot detail.

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Amateur Video Scene 12:

Our final scene features Antonio in his Marine uniform. He strips down to reveal black underwear under his blue uniform pants. With his pants around his ankles he plays with his uncut Latin cock through his tight black briefs as his meat swells and throbs in front of your eyes until it's rock hard, sticking out of his underwear and ready for action! Antonio rests his leg over the arm of his chair and shows off his balls and Marine asshole as he beats and slaps his hard prick in the palm of his hand. Now he's showing off his ass while kneeling on the chair wearing only his uniform cap, slapping his ass and spreading his cheeks to show off his hairy military hole. Then he's sitting in the chair again - still wearing only his uniform cap, jacking his massive Latin meat and playing with his hungry hole and balls until he shoots his weapon and cums on his belly.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Dirty Filthy Man Sex

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