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Boy Toy Productions

87 Minutes...Live Sound

A Dip In The Pool

Dillon has his two friends Richard and Chad in his pick-up and they're looking to cool off. Richard suggests they check out his parent's rental house. They hop the fence and hit paydirt...a pool! In a flash they're all naked and playing in the refreshing water. Boys will be boys though, and soon they're getting it on poolside and in the water. Richard and Chad are both Mexican lads, but Dillon is Vietnamese and has the tightest body you've seen in a long time...and nice big thick cock too. After playing outside for a while they get a little worried about sunburns so they move inside.

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In A Vacant Room

They pick a room in the nearly empty house and continue their homo-sex fun. Chad had his tongue buried deep in Richard's ass while Richard is trying hard to swallow all of Dillon's cock. Richard is the fuck toy and Chad is the first one to shove his condom-covered cock up his ass. After a while the positions change and Dillon fingers more lube into Richard ass then slides on a rubber and pushes his way into Richard's hole. And so it goes, Richard gets plugged from both ends by both guys and he loves it. Chad jerks a powerful load onto Richard's belly then Dillon stands over the bottom boy and dumps his loud load onto Richard's chest. Richard pops his own nut with Chad's fingers pumping his asshole and Dillon tweaking his nipples.

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Later, we find Dillon as he settles in a clearing in the underbrush and strips off his pants and briefs to "get back to nature." Dillon strokes up a nice hard cock and shows off his tight muscular body, then squirts a load onto the ground. After a workout like that Dillon needs to shower off, so he ducks into the outdoor shower nearby and rinses off, but that just gets him horny again so he jerks out a second load of cum into his cupped hand and then rubs it into his washboard abs.

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It's a warm and sunny day in the Arizona desert and Chad is out playing among the rocks and the clips, dvd, streaming, of course...OUCH! He'd better keep a close watch for scorpions and snakes! Being out in nature gets Chad horny and soon he's stroking his hard dick. Chad makes sure that he gets totally exposed to the sun, even where it doesn't normally shine. Chad lets loose with a cum shot that we see in super close-up, but one cum shot isn't enough so he jerks off some more and pops a second nut too.

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