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Office Sluts

Boy Toy Productions

105 Minutes...Mixed Sound

Amateur Video Scene 1:

While in an interview to be an adult model, Ethan mentions that his special talent is a pretty good blowjob, and Ian is more then willing to test that out. After a while it's Ian who is demonstrating his oral skills, and coaxing a load of cum out of Ethan, all over his chest. Then, because he's still hard and ready to go, Ethan fucks Ian's tight ass, and Ian cums while riding that big cock and Ethan follows, shooting another hot load off. After all that Ian decides that he's got a better job than modeling for Ethan.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

After Blake applies to be a model, the only thing left is to test how suitable he is, and that's Ethan's job. In Ethan's office Blake demonstrates his ability to kiss, and suck cock, as well as how his dick and ass taste. Ethan throws him over the desk to discover how good he is as a bottom, and he's very good, taking Ethan's big dick with little more than spit for lube. Ethan fuck him long and hard, and they both shoot loads all over Blake's stomach.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

When Justin and Bryan come in to apply for jobs modeling, Ethan wants to see more of these two. First he wants to see them naked, and then he wants to see what they can do. Justin demonstrates his ability to suck cock, and eat ass, and Bryan does some cock sucking as well. Ethan sits back in his chair and jacks off as these two studs go at it. At one point Justin bends Bryan over the desk and eats his ass as Ethan gets down underneath the desk and sucks his dick. Bryan really gets into this, and shoots a huge load all over Justin. Justin responds by shooting an equally big load all over himself. Seeing Justin soaked and dripping in cum works for Ethan who shoots all over himself.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

While interviewing with Ethan, Levi needs help getting it up, so Ethan calls Ian in and Levi and Ian start to go at it, really getting into each other. Ethan sits back and watches, jacking off and directing the action. As soon as he mentions Ian's hot ass, Levi wants to fuck it, so up Ian goes on the desk and Ethan and Levi plug him from both ends, shooting their loads all over his chest and stomach.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

When David and Tyson come in to update paperwork, they get a little frisky while Ethan's out of the room. When he gets back and sees them going at it, he does what any good employee does in a porn office, he grabs a camera to start filming. However it isn't long before the camera is forgotten, and Ethan is in the middle of the action. Three way dick sucking, rimming, and kissing follows. Ethan and David then take turns on Tyson's tight hole, fucking him well and good, before all three of them shoot hot loads all over Ethan.

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Office Sluts

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