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BJ Boys #1

from Clown Monkey Boyz
CLN01   •   82 Minutes   •   Live Sound

Dillon and Kevyn have a serious cum sucking fetish for each other and love to suck each others' dicks, and cum in each others' mouth. Both are multiple cummers and can cum in a sucking mouth with no problem. Kevyn and Dillon show full face cum sucking blowjobs and POV style blowjobs and we always swallow the loads!!!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Kevyn sucks off Dillon in full POV style. You can hear how good Kevyn is sucking and he swallows Dillon's entire load with determination.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Dillon services Kevyn's dick, wearing his mod hat in full POV style. Dillon sucks for Kevyn's cum load and keeps sucking through the entire squirting in his mouth.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Dillon services Kevyn in POV style for swallowing 2 complete loads and doesn't stop between the cum squirting in his mouth. He keeps on sucking for the second load to swallow.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Kevyn is wearing his US Navy hat and wants to suck off Dillon's dick to swallow a hot load fresh from Dillon's dick. Kevyn sucks hard and gets his reward right in the mouth. Listen to Dillon's reaction while cumming in Kevyn's mouth.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Dillon has a serious cum sucking fetish and Kevyn can sure feed him the loads. Dillon sucks off Kevyn and swallows his load in less than 2 minutes, sucking the cumming dick the entire time. This is some intense cum sucking action!
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Amateur Video Scene 6:

Dillon is at it again and sucks another cum load from Kevyn with no break. This continues from the 2 minute suck off! Kevyn cums hard in Dillon's mouth. Listen to the cum action.
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Amateur Video Scene 7:

Dillon and Kevyn are smoking while servicing each others' dicks! Kevyn sucks Dillon's load from his dick while he's sitting back in his construction gear and swallows his load. Dillon sucks off Kevyn while he's smoking and swallows 2 loads and keeps on sucking his dick through the cum firing in his mouth.
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Amateur Video Scene 8:

4 Loads swallowed in 20 minutes! Kevyn and Dillon take turns sitting back on the couch and seriously service each others' dicks and swallow 2 loads each. We can sure feed the cum in this one.
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Amateur Video Scene 9:

Kevyn was watching TV and Dillon was cum hungry so Dillon got on his knees and sucked 2 complete loads from Kevyn with no break in between.
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BJ Boys #1

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