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Luc and Ethan's Bareback Adventure

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Luc meets Ethan at local nude resort and invites Tim Tyler over for Ethan to hook up with. They go to Ethan's playroom for some hot fucking, with Tim in the sling. Both Ethan and Tim shoot huge dripping loads of cum with sweat dripping off them.
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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Tim and Luc hook up at a local sex club for some one on one action where things start out with Daddy Luc forcing Tim to suck his 4-gauge P.A adorned cock, on the stairs of the suite before bedding Tim and fucking him raw. But Tim gets his revenge when he turns the tables on Luc and fuck's him till he shots a hot white dripping load of cum pulling out just in time to spew it on Luc's well fucked hole before shoving it back in for the last few squirts, to continue fucking Luc till Luc blows his wad all over his hand and stomach.
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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Luc and Ethan hook up for some pool, side action in the blazing heat and sun so Ethan can show Luc how his ''Daddy'' training is going. The young twenty one year old Ethan makes the real Daddy of the film, Luc Steel, take the submissive role. Begging for Ethan's monster cock to be shoved down his throat on the diving board before being fucked to the point of exhaustion on the pool side bench. Then being thrown on his back on an old wooden cable spool, the size of a patio table, to have his already sore and abused hole fucked till both dump huge loads of cum and are Sun burned and dripping with sweat.
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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Luc, Ethan and Tim run into each other at a local club and after playing a game of pool were the winner gets to set the prize. Luc wins the game and claims Tim's ass as the prize, for himself and Ethan's pleasure, in Luc's sling room. Both Luc and Ethan fuck, spank, and abuse Tim till he is almost crying and begging for their loads to be dumped in his ass. Both Luc and Ethan comply with his wish only after Tim shoots his load all over both Luc's chest and his stomach. When Ethan and Luc finish pumping their loads into Tim's ass, without either pulling out first, the camera is and the viewer are treated to these two huge loads running out of Tim's sweat clean ass hole, swollen from the tremendous fuck session it was just subjected to.
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Amateur Video Scene 5:

While out driving in his truck Luc sees new cummer Jason Jensen hitch hiking. Always ready to fuck a skinny white trash boy with a Mohawk, Luc stops to pick up the boy with the tattoos, out looking for adventure. Taking him back to his place Luc literally rips the pants and briefs off Jason s body and fucks him over the end of the bed and then throws him on the bed for more fucking, sucking and rimming. With Jason begging for more of the 4-gauge P.A. in Luc s cock. But Luc s cell phone rings and he takes advantage of the opportunity to invite Ethan over to make it a tag team ending to the video with Ethan shooting his load on Jason s hole before shoving back in to fuck Jason to the point of shooting one of the biggest loads of cum we have just about ever seen. Both are in ecstasy as the camera fades out on their faces, showing pure carnal lust and happiness about the fucking Jason just took.
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Luc and Ethan's Bareback Adventure

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