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Discreet Straight Masked Jacker

Producer's Note: He's Discreet, Straight and Very Curious about what he's missing! CumAlotVideo proudly presents it's latest video release. This Straight guy is H.O.T and we are glad to have him on video (You will be to). He's hot and very curious but being married means being very discreet. He only agreed to work with us if he could wear his mask. He could be your neighbor, the guy in the next cubicle or the guy in the next car (you think is so hot), in fact he could be your husband (if you happen to be a straight woman checking out this video). All I can say is he is uninhibited in front of the camera behind his mask.

Session 1

The Masked Jacker wastes no time in getting down to business in Scene 1 as he pulls out his fat cock and starts stroking. Just as he starts getting really worked up, he decides it's time for a little toy play and grabs his new dildo. It's been a hot fantasy for him for a while, so enjoys the moment by taking this dildo in his virgin mouth and sucks it like he'd love to suck a real throbbing cock. After sucking and licking on it for a bit, he takes it between his legs and works it into his tight virgin hole. The cameraman decides he needs a little help and takes over forcing even more of the dildo deep in his sweet ass hole. This is more than he can take and before you know it he is shooting his hot load and moaning loudly during this hard orgasm. He's a good boy and eats all that hot load for the camera.

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Session 2

Scene 1 is barely over when The Masked Jacker is ready to go again. He's too full of cum to let it go to waste and decides to stoke some more for you guys. He's also anxious to have his tight ass hole fingered by the Cameraman. It takes some work but with a little lube and a lot of effort the Cameraman manages to get not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 fingers in that hot hole. This is all it takes for the Masked Jacker to finally take on his BIG black anal beads which he forces deep in his ass. By the time they are all in he's so hot, he's ready to blow his load and blow it he does. Of course now that he is developing a taste for his own sweet cum, he eats up his own load again.

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Session 3

Scene 2 has just finished and The Masked Jacker is hard again and needs to cum. This time he gets the Cameraman to stroke on his fat cock, long and hard, driving him close to cumming yet again. He takes over and shoots one last load which he eagerly eats just for you. I think he liked it a lot.

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Discreet Straight Masked Jacker

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