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Caleb Roberts: College Jock Losing His Virginity

Producer's Note: Caleb Roberts in College Jock Losing His Virginity. He's a College Jock! He's Hot! He's Hard! And for the right price he's ready to do just about anything! As you know tuition can be expensive. CumAlotVideo proudly presents it's latest video release. The action was so hot, the equipment almost melted.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Caleb loves to jack off, especially in front of the camera. In scene 1 he does just that. He strokes his sweet cock for us with his huge balls slapping against his ass. He strokes and strokes until his balls snap and his cum erupts from his dick. He then treats us by eating his cum on camera. (This took a lot of encouragement prior to the shoot to get him to take it).

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

There is nothing like being horny when you first wake up. In scene 2 Caleb awakens with a need to explore new things. He's new to toys and begins to suck his starter dildo, taking it all the way down his throat over and over again. Caleb is definitely someone we want to see deep throat the real thing. He obviously has a taste for sucking cock as he continues to suck on his new dildo while he begins to finger his sweet virgin hole. He manages to work 3 then 4 fingers into his hole when he decided he could use the cameraman's help. Caleb turns over and puts his fine cherry hole in the cameraman's face and asks him to finger him. The cameraman can't pass up this opportunity to explore Caleb's hole and begins fingering him. First one finger, then two, then three, and then four. Caleb's ass is in pain and you can hear it in his grunts and moans but he's loving the way the Cameraman is working his hole. The Cameraman gives Caleb's ass a rest and fucks him with the starter dildo a little before working it even deeper with his four fingers. Caleb can't take it anymore and turns over to shoot his load of sweet hot cum on his stomach. Caleb has developed a taste for his hot cum and eats all his sweet man juice for his pleasure and yours.

After shooting this video, I remembered that I need to sign up for a few classes next semester.

Now that Caleb's cherry has been popped, I think he's ready to take some rock hard throbbing cock down his throat and up that fine ass. We'll see what we can do to make that happen in his next video release.

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Caleb Roberts: College Jock Losing His Virginity

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