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Navy Guys Top Secret Maneuvers

Amateur Video Scene 1:

David Majors is here to show you just what he has to offer. He can't wait to get out of uniform so he can stroke his cock for the camera. After shooting his load and eating his cum he decides he is still hungry and convinces the cameraman to let him suck his cock. He works the cameraman's cock like a true cock sucker and takes the cameraman's load into his hungry mouth. He takes the cameraman’s cock down his throat and drains the last drops before calling it a day.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Jason Dunlap is one hot straight navy guy who loves stroking his cock on and off camera. We were lucky to catch him on camera stroking his Navy meat to shoot that that Navy load. Like a good sailor he eats his load to the last drop.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Jason Dunlap comes back to the camera after a little persuasion and agrees to pop his cherry with a BIG realistic dildo. For a virgin, he takes his new experience very seriously and works that monster dildo into his sweet tight virgin hole. He seems to like it a lot judging from his raging hard on. He stokes his cock while riding the dildo that is stretching his sweet hole. In no time his nuts pop and shoots a hot load into his hand which he is all to happy to eat. We need more sailors like Jason, guys who are willing to experience something new especially on camera.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Travis Jordan is one hot sailor with a massive cock and more than just a little curiosity. Travis undresses and begins stroking his huge piece and his curiosity gets the best of him while he is horny. So he reaches over during filming and takes out the cameraman's cock. The cameraman is a real pro so the film keeps rolling while Travis sucks the hell out of the cameraman's cock before returning to his own cock and shooting one hot load. Of course he's gone this far, so eating his load is just to be expected. I think he likes cock now and he certainly loves cum.

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

Cal Lopez is a sailor who is eager to show us just what he was willing to do in front of the camera. He undresses and strokes his juicy cock. Just as he is about to cum he puts his legs over his head and shoots his load into his mouth and onto his face.

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Navy Guys Top Secret Maneuvers

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