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Web Boys #14
More Straight Boys Gone Wild

Tom Day

Tom is a street kid who is tall and well endowed. He knows how to use his cock for pleasure and for business. Although he won’t do a totally gay video, he agreed to shove a monster dildo up his ass to please all of you who like to see straight boys get penetrated. He says he’s done it before, but only rarely. Tom’s height and thin body contrast in proportion to his long fat dick. He can spin his cock around and around and even bend it around and shove it up his ass…and he does!! When he cums, his load is big, creamy and plentiful… and he takes a shower afterwards.

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Mike Edwards

Mike is a masculine, beefy, young (18), military straight man from New York with a fat uncut cock who is meticulously groomed. Mike wants to do a straight video with a MILF (mom I’d like to fuck), and he is recruiting a partner for that project. He is doing the solo to see if he can get hard and cum with lights and camera going. He has never been on camera before, so he is shy and nervous. He does warm up to the camera after he takes his clothes off and strokes his cock a bit. When he plays with his ass, he asks, ''Do you want to fuck that nice tight pink hole?'' He doesn’t mean it, but he got carried away acting up for the camera when encouraged to talk dirty. He does not have any problem getting his dick hard and playing with his ass (a sweet, hairless and silky smooth butthole. He tries to shove his dick up his ass but is not able to. After a good jerk session he first sprays, then squirts, then dribbles more cum out…a perfect trifecta!

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Devon Summers

Unlike the others, Texan Devon has done some work in the industry…and with other guys. He loves having a camera pointed at him and hams it up constantly. Gifted with a very attractive 7-plus cock shaped like a bat (heavy at the top end), he also loves to have things up his ass. Given a bag full of dildos, he tries them all. In great shape with a perfectly flat stomach and sculpted pubes, Devon’s favorite position is with his ass up in the air. No matter what position or what dildo he has, you can see good close ups of his ass being pried open and penetrated as his dick remains rock hard. His load is thick and plentiful. After he shoots his load, a short extra scene of Devon posing for still photos is set to music and presented.

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Axel Driver

A very cute, damn good looking, masculine and sexy little guy with dreamy mint blue eyes, Axel is a straight boy who strips at gay clubs for money. He has a relationship with his audience and now also has one with the camera. In his first ever videotaping, he shoots his load TWICE. He does it once sitting in a chair and then again laying on a bed in the webcasting studio. Axel has a chiseled and handsome face with thick eyebrows, spiked tall hair, a tight, wrestler physique and manly hair from his belly to his cock. He trims where he has to and nothing else. A few tattoos, pierced ears and cute boy ass are sumptuous to watch as he poses and makes muscles for the camera. He makes funny noises, whistles and hums as he strokes his thick-veined cock with an interesting mushroom head. After spurting a hot load all over his stomach, he turns to the camera and invites everyone to follow him to a better place where he has great lighting to show off more…and he does…finishing with a lot of energy and another load of cum.

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amateur porn dvd

amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Web Boys #14: More Straight Boys Gone Wild

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