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Cum Play With Me...Again

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Hung Italian Exhibitionist John from New York, begins his 2nd jack off adventure with a drive to a friends house one morning after the gym. While check his new license plate, his friend sneaks up behind him with a video camera daring him to pull down his shorts. John decides why not and takes his shorts down to expose his tight bubble butt...he then surprises his friend by getting on the hood of the car spread-eagle and playing with his Big Cock for anyone that may be passing by to see...thus begins the follow-up to Cum Play with Me.

John, now in tight blue jeans and a white tank top decides to pose for his friend and give him a good show that he'll remember. Leaned up against a tree, he strips down to his underwear and starts to rub his big boner. It isn't long before this exhibitionist is at it again. Next, John grabs a Hairy Man Colt Calendar to look at while stroking his cock for his bud and spreading his Ass for the camera. There are many close-up shots here of John's thick bush and hot piss-hole, which he eagerly opens and closes...eventually squeezing out the pre-cum to taste it. Fuck yeah!

John bends over a chair for his bud to get a better look at his hole...his buddy starts to pull on his own cock and it isn't long before it's out of his shorts and in his hand. He loves to jerk-off so he begins pumping his cock with one hand while still filming with the other. The outdoor action moves inside as John starts teasing the cameraman by showing his hungry hole and licking his lips in anxiety, begging the man with the cam to finger his boy hole. At his friends urging, John starts to feverishly fuck the pillow he is laying on while wearing a black jockstrap. His friend gets behind him to watch the fucking action. John starts to finger fuck his own tight hole while he is banging away so his friend decides he needs some hot anal and sticks his finger in. He starts to finger his butt hole good while John is on his back watching him do it and begging for more. He starts to jack his friends cock and his at the same time and puts them on one another Cock to he can jack both cocks together. This boy loves big Mushroomhead Cocks and his bud has quite a Mushroomhead!!

Sticking out his tongue as if to let you know he is a total sex pig and is loving his hole being worked, his begins to double finger that hole stretching it open even wider for his butt buddy! A HUGE CUMFACIAL is what happens next. The cameraman totally worked up over John pulling on his big hot cock, blows one of the biggest loads seen right on John's face and goatee. John loves to get cum-facials and jack off with the sperm still on his face for all to see, so he keeps the jizz hanging off his goatee while he starts to work up his own cock to an cum explosion....delivering a load of white jizz in his open mouth! This is a VERY HOT SCENE...John is a sexy cumboy!

Ending his day of adventure, John pulls out a big double-ended dildo and proceeds to lick and suck it while the camera is still rolling. He rubs it down the crack of his ass and put it between his legs. He is ready for another load, so he sticks his Cock in a jar of Elbow Grease lube till the head is covered in white and starts to stroke one off. Looking at an issue of "Inches" magazine that is on the table, John pulls out all the stops and really shocks his friend when he is offered some Potato Chips, he lays 2 of them on the table next to the magazine...jacks off on them then eats them. Tasty Snack! The camera zooms in on a banner reading ''I Eat Cum!'' Till the next time...John wants you to Cum and play with him again...and again!

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Cum Play With Me...Again

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