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Jockstrap Wrestling Fraternity Style

Pin The Pledge:

Three young college guys, Austin, Scott and Gavin, have pledged a Frat that has one final test of worthiness. The Pledges have to wrestle each other and every time one gets pinned he has to strip down to his jockstrap. It doesn't take long for these guys to all be down to their last stitch of clothing. Pledge Master Curtis referee's this match as it quickly turns from wrestling to groping and then to stroking and sucking.

When Curtis asks ''Who's going to get fucked?'' the boys look nervous until Scott decides to sit down on Gavin's big uncut cock. Gavin pounds Scott's ass long and hard while Austin keeps his cock hard by stroking it and face fucking Scott's mouth. Austin Blows his load on Scott's chest first. Gavin cums last while Scott and Austin work over his nipples. The boys hit the shower and celebrate the best news of all...they made it into the Frat!

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Gabriel Petersen, Kirby Stipe, and Adam Selnick:

This scene was added after the initial release. These three twinks who crave jockstraps and like to have fun in them, proved all when they got down and dirty. Wait till you see Adam take Kirby's enormous tool.

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Frat Brothers:

Frat Brother Ryan Walters returns from a sorority mixer feeling very frisky. He kids around with his dorm-mate Kevin Reiley, and before long the boys are down to their jockstraps and wrestling. Ryan's friskiness turns into full blown passion as he and Kevin get naked and tumble around on the bed stroking each other's cocks. Ryan tries to fuck Kevin's ass but he's too tight so they call it a night and Ryan jerks off alone.

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Take Down:

Pledge Master Curtis is wrestling around with Tommy on a mattress on the floor. They toss each other around and work up a sweat as they have fun and keep in shape. Wrestling turns to sex, as it so frequently does, and both Curtis and Tommy head straight for each other's asses. They rim and suck and kiss and stroke their cocks. Eric joins these two hot dudes and escalates the fun into anal sex. Eric rubbers up and slides his cock deep into Curtis tight black ass and lets him have to good. Tommy joins in, takes Eric's place and nails Curtis while Curtis sucks on Eric's cock.

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Jockstrap Wrestling Fraternity Style

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