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The Escort Files

Eric and Eli...

Chronicling the world of escorts, this tale begins as Eric himself meets up with fellow escort, Eli Gold. They succeed in answering the age-old question, "What happens when two escorts get together." Eli and Eric begin by passionately kissing each other as they slowly feel each other's private parts with their clothing still on. As each stitch of their attire is removed, these two studs begin to lick each other all over, from head to toe.

At that point, the fun really begins as Eric pushes Eli down on the bed and begins to fuck him in every imaginable position. This brings Eli to his first orgasm. As they continue to play, Eli takes Eric's member in his mouth for a world-class escort blowjob. The two of them then lie next to each other jacking off to orgasm.
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Manny and Jake...

The second scene begins as Belarussian Manny Shelton meets Galaxy Picture Star, Jake Silver in a sexual frenzy of West meets the East.

Here, Manny assumes the position of bottom as Jake sends in his American hotdog for the kill. Their kissing and passion remain constant throughout. Jake ends the scene in a terrific orgasm.
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Chase and Roy...

As Chase Madison enters Roy Thomas' digs, Roy confesses that if his boyfriend finds out about Roy's escorting there will be trouble. Not wanting to cause an incident, Chase promises that Roy's boyfriend won't find out from him. The two begin to kiss before Roy drops to his knees to take in Chase's large member.

As they remove their clothing, they both share each other's bodies, but Roy has a surprise for Chase. He brings out a large dildo and begins to place it where the sun don't shine. Chase is in incredible pleasure at this point. Soon, the dildo is replaced with Roy's own cock. He pumps and pumps as you can hear the moans of these two super studs.

The two of them then wind up on the ground as Roy continues to now finger Chase's behind. Roy orgasms first and then places Chase on the couch to complete his own orgasm. Roy lets Chase out, hoping that his boyfriend does not find out.
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Shawn and Eric...

Shawn Lacey, Roy's boyfriend, hires Eric to try out an escort; not knowing that his own boyfriend, Roy, is an escort. Shawn thinks that Roy cheated on him, but does not know the truth. Shawn and Eric quickly undress each other as Eric slaps Shawn's hairy ass. They kiss and share blowjobs. Shawn then bends over the organ seat and takes it up the butt. Eric brings Shawn to the ground in order to finish what he started.

Then, the tables are turned as the two wind up on the couch. With Shawn on his lap, the two cum together at the same time. When Eric asks Shawn if he will admit this to his boyfriend, Shawn courageously says yes, still not knowing that his own boyfriend is an escort.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

The Escort Files

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