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Northeast Boys #2

Landan Blake

First up, we have Landan Blake, a university student who sought out BuffStuff Videos in order to be filmed. He starts off naked in his very own dorm room and proceeds to jerk himself off. Just wait till you see what Landan does with a Candy Cane and how he broke it! In order to expedite matters, Eric jumps into the scene hard and ready for action. Landan takes the cue and shoves Eric's 8 inch cock into his awaiting mouth. See how Landan moans as Eric tongues his nipples and his own wonderful cock. With Landan on top, they both cum in ecstasy.
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Mike Vista With Jason Osment

Scene two begins with California Pornstar Mike Vista chatting with Jason Osment. They begin to play around while waiting for escort initiate Gavin Ethridge to arrive. As they work themselves up, Gavin enters with a surprised look on his face. This would be an initiation he would never forget. The three of them go at it and Gavin's 10 incher rises to occasion. Each of the guys sucks on the other one's dick. As Mike plows Jason with is hard and soothing member, Jason downs Gavin's uncut cock. Just as the fun is reaching a peak, Jason gets an escort call and has to leave. However, Gavin is not through with his initiation. Mike and Gavin continue to go at it sucking and fucking away. Mike prepares Gavin's cock with a large sized condom and bends over so that Gavin can take him from behind. In fact, Gavin takes him in several different positions. Pounding Mike's hot ass is one of the highlights of Gavin's film career.
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Jarrod Sellers

Jarrod Sellers is the next participant in a solo scene. Jarrod explains what he likes to do and some of his most erotic fantasies. Slowy, he removes his clothing. Listen as Jarrod tells of a 7-man orgy he was a part of in Miami as none other than a bottom. His own stories turn Jarrod on as he reaches out to the camera, trying to turn on the cameraman. Soon, he jacks it all off, and what a load that is, wiping it all over his chest.
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Gabriel Petersen and Aiden Dunn

Gabriel Petersen and Aiden Dunn are talking on the balcony about their two apartments. Soon, they enter the bedroom to chill and talk about girls they really want. The conversation turns to masturbation. Innocently, they decide to try it out and take off their clothing. Gabriel catches Aiden checking him out and calls him on it. Aiden is just amazed at Gabriel's large piece of merchandise. And then, Aiden's hand comes closer and closer to Gabriel's thigh. He grabs Gabriel and the action is about to begin. Slowly, Aiden's awaitng mouth comes closer to Gabriel's pulsating cock. These two guys suck and fuck each other till they both reach orgasm.
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Joe S. Fox and Josh Gates

What happens when you bring together a go-go dancer and an escort? In the last scene of Northeast Boys II, you find this out. Joe S. Fox and Josh Gates were recruited to just jack-off, but so much more takes place. After the interview sequence, the gay man and the bi-man (guess which one is which) start to help each other out. At first, the bi-man is a bit concerned about showing himself with another guy on video, but he quickly relaxes and allows the other guy to go down on him. Both of these hot guys tell us about their first times as they go down on each other. You won't want to miss the facial cum-shot on Josh.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos
amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Northeast Boys #2

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