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Eric Magyar's BoyToy Orgy

Let The Party Begin!

Every year, Eric Magyar invites the best of his video models to participate in a no-holds-barred massive boytoy orgy. This year, Eric invited 7 hot guys, including a few new guys who have never appeared in videos. He's counting on his audience's opinions on the guys to determine whether to invite them back to perform in new "Eric Magyar" Video projects.

This film included Fox Braslowe of "Twink Heaven" and of the upcoming "Boy Fun 2001: Special Edition" - to be released shortly. Fox soared to stardom as the recipient of the pizza boy's young talents in "Twink Heaven." He'll later do a solo return in "Boy Fun 2001." In this video, he's got so many cocks in his mouth, he could not remember how many by the end of the video.

Kirby Stipe and Adam Selnick, stars of "Boy Fun 2001: Special Edition" where they paddled each other and played in their jockstraps, returned to participate in the orgy as well. Both of these guys have massive dicks. In fact, Adam was so turned on by Stefan Lauren that the night before the big orgy, they went at in for Eric's upcoming "Twink Odyssey." Of course, being so young, these guys had a lot more juice to pour out.

Fox brought along two friends, Jay Garrett and Rich O'Conner, two newbies. Along with Chicago escort, Antonio Lopez, the three round off the cast.

The video begins before the orgy and shows how Eric introduces the guys. It's all planned. You see Eric waking them up at the wee hours of the morning. Then, you see as each prepares for the shoot. What does happen before a shoot? The guys clean up in the bathroom while the others are playing video games to kill time. Then, they carry off the equipment and walk out the door to the orgy location. Once there, Eric tells them to go for it.

In this shoot, Eric uses 3 video cameras to capture all the action. The guys first do some incredible kissing, even sucking cock from the outside of some of the guy's underwear. Once the clothing disperses, every tongue touches every part of everyone's bodies. From incredible rimming to intense blow jobs, these boytoys know what to do with a nice cock.

There are some incredible aerial shots of the guys in anal and oral 69's. Kirby gets some foot treatment on his dick from Antonio. Then comes the fucking action. Antonio had 4 dicks up his ass just in that one shoot. And shoot, they all do. Kirby gets the bulk of the cum on him as three guys decide to dress his body with their cum.

After the video, Eric introduces us to some of the behind the scenes footage from putting on make-up to what happens during the breaks. Some of the guys provide their opinions on the action taking place as well. Eric shows a little of his previous orgy - "Gavin's Bachelor Party" at the end.

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Eric Magyar's BoyToy Orgy

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