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So You Wanna Be In Porn #1

Hot solo scenes (a few with some added assistance) of some up and coming Porn Stars.

Dorian Thalas:

Director Eric Magyar had hired an intern, Dorian, to assist him on his newest production, ''On Your Back Mountain.'' While there, the intern got horny. Yep, we have an extra scene, a solo scene. You'll like how this very sexy Greek pulls out all stops or we should say his enlarged cock to show us his all. He's one of these jocks you might see at the gym. So enjoy and just think that you could run into him the next time you work out.

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Jake Holiday:

Jake is a sexual pervert. Yep, and we love it that way. After the camera follows him through a small New Jersey town and into the park as he looks for a hot fling, we return to the bedroom so that Jake can really give us a show. He's got that sexual intensity that we all love. You'll never believe how he uses his very own dildo. Don't you love it when models bring their own toys to play with? After cumming and cumming, Jake then proceeds to tell us a little bit more about him, his fantasies, and past sexual experiences. You'll love his inked body and that nice-boy smile. But we know he loves to be Bad!

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Shannon Beck:

Shannon wakes up horny as hell. What's a young jock to do? Jack off of course! He swings his body all around, showing off his hot buns, playing with his hole, and milking that incredible cock. No wonder the director immediately cast him in a few more roles.

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Pierre Brazen:

Pierre, still all horned up from his orgy scene in ''Queer of the Damned,'' just had to jerk off for us. As usual, he tells us about his fantasies and experiences, but all of us size queens want to check out his dick. And what a dick he's got, large and perfectly formed. And he's versatile too. Check out all Pierre's moves, his twinkish body, and load of cum.

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Alex Hernandez:

In the woods, Alex likes danger. That is, he likes to take off his clothes, jack his dick, and do anything in front of the camera. Check out his fine bubble butt and his nice uncut cock. See him jerk off right there for us and remember, the next time you want to experience nature, you never know who is doing what in the park.

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Michael Westin:

Another lad from ''Queer of the Damned,'' Michael Westin was also a bit horny. He's certainly a cutie. Twink must be his middle name. Besides, he's kinky too. Wait till what you see him do with handcuffs. Then check out an exclusive never-before-seen footage of Michael with Lance Farrell and David Silvers. It's an outdoor seen with plenty of blowjobs, ass rimming, etc. This is hot. The continuation of that scene takes place in ''Chicken Stuffers.''

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So You Wanna Be In Porn #1

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