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So You Wanna Be In Porn #2

A new batch of Guys next door aiming to show off and jack off right for the camera. Most are solo while the last has the benefit of the director assisting the performer, cock in hand.

Angelo Nova:

Angelo, bisexual and hot as hell, talks about his first video scene for BuffStuff Videos shot just prior to this solo scene. He asserts his interest in doing more Videos, and tells about his fantasies and hot sexual encounters with both men and women. Then, of course, Angelo rolls around the bed feeling up every inch of himself before pulling out his cock to serve our camera with his delicious body as well as his load.

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Xavier Ruiz:

Xavier comes to visit Eric Magyar. He's so horny, he grabs himself before even asked to do so by the director. Wait to you hear about his double-dick experiences. Now, this is a guy who wants to learn a lot more about sex, explaining about some of his past encounters, from flip flopping with guys, to 3-somes, dildos, and much more. He loves group sex and you'll see his cock get mega hard as he tells us about some more experiences.

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Kenan Wade:

Kenan, although not a novice to porn, came to visit and show off his wares. He oozes sexual charisma and you'll learn all about his wild choir boy sexual time and more. Yep, he bent over the choir boy. Holy wow! Soon, down to just his jockstrap, he just begins to jerk his large cock, show off his amazing ass, and juice himself right for us. Besides that, learn about his stripping, dancing with other porn stars, etc.

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Shannon Beck:

Shannon, from So You Wanna Be In Porn #1, returns for an outdoor scene. He's got a much different look, sporting long hair and making love to the camera. Out in the woods where just anyone could come by and seize the day, Shannon finds it kinky just for the risk itself. He just loves jacking his dick in public. The scene moves inside soon thereafter and Shannon puts on some chaps. Yep, leather also is a major turn-on for him. You'll see him jack off in style.

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Luis Capitilo:

Luis is one wild Latino. He shares his desire for all men, and the director wishes that he had a camera man to assist in this scene as Luis yells out to get fucked. He plays with himself constantly, showing off his large member. Learn about his school mate fucking him up the ass for his first male on male experience. See him hump the couch and give us all his jizz in the end.

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Zack Martinez:

After ''Queer of the Damned,'' Zack was still horny, so Director Eric had a great idea. Let's have a solo scene. Well, in it, Zack needed some assistance. In jumps the director with his own large cock providing all the assistance needed. You'll love Zack Martinez's rock hard body, luscious ass, and more.

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So You Wanna Be In Porn #2

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