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On Your Back Mountain

On Your Back Mountain is about hot and sweaty cowhands who engage in intense sexual acts.

Pierre & David:

We find our two campers getting undressed and entering their tent, deep in the woods on the mountain. They go to bed naked, but can't resist each other's hot bodies. David goes down on Pierre, suckling his hoard cock. They can't keep their hands and lips off each other. Blowjobs commence outside the tent, as you'll hear David lapping up Pierre's meaty rod as Pierre holds David's head so as to keep him pegged upon his manhood. Soon, David gets the upper hand and switches. After a fine looking 69 on the ground outside the entrance to their tent, Pierre seizes the opportunity to dart his tongue down into David's awaiting hole. This leads to an awesome fuck as David's nice bubble but is being pounded by his pal, ultimately cumming all over Pierre.

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Ty, Robby and Joey:

Next, Joey, our handsome cowboy walks into a bar and orders bourbon from Ty, the bartender. Meanwhile, Robby is at the other end of the bar playing pool. But when he spots Ty and Joey in an uncompromising position with lips locked and more, this lucky cowboy wants more. Joey and Ty are literally ripping off their clothes on top of the bar. When Robby spots Ty blowing the cowhand, he decides that it's time. After taking off his jeans, Robby only leaves on his vest and hat, goes behind the bar, presses his cock up against Ty's ass, and the rest is history. This 3-some scene is what ''On Your Back Mountain'' was made for. From sucking to rimming to butt fucking, you'll be totally turned on by these rugged and handsome guys who are very much down to earth. If you ever fantasized about doing it on a bar, and not just in a bar, then this scene will delight you big time.

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Dillan and Ryan:

Dillan walks over to find Ryan having a bit of a picnic. Now, what's a hot model boy sitting here all by himself for? Sex of course, and Ryan invited Dillan to join him right away. You see, Ryan is a sex animal or a sex god. he can never get enough and had been eying Dillan's ass for a while now. He feels that it's time to deflower his hole. This outdoor scene takes place with sounds of birds, airplanes, and anything else you might expect in the Pocono Mountains. It's realistic. Wait to you get a load of Ryan's hard member. Not only is he our best jock fantasy from high school or college, but also he's a really great fucker too, not to mention his amazing rimming techniques. The scene ends with Dillan taking Ryan's load into his mouth and licking his lips with Ryan's cum.

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Joey and Ty:

Every so often, as a director I notice a very intense attraction between models. The 3-some scene was perfect, but knowing that Joey and Ty were really really into each other, I wanted to give them an opportunity to do a one on one. Well, this was it, and it was HOT!!!! Picture a barn, a haystack, 2 gay dominant cowboys and you can guess how wildly successful this scene will be. From sucking cock to greasing up their holes, this baby is one hot mother of a movie.

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On Your Back Mountain

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