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Frat Boys Being Nasty

Producer's Note: This time we re focusing on some nasty frat action.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

We start with Jon and Julio (a couple of 18 year old Latin hotties) and Timmy and Erik (two 18 year old white boys). They’re all sitting on a bed and remembering their first sex encounter. Pretty soon they're getting down and dirty: cock-sucking, ass-licking, finger-probing, deep-kissing, butt-fucking, nasty, boy/boy action in different combos: couples, trios and finally all four in a juicy boy sandwich orgy! Cute boy-butts get slapped and eaten out. Nasty wet ass-holes get fingered and fucked. And hard, throbbing cocks finally explode in gushes of boy juice.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Next up, Nick puts Jeremy through his initiation into the frat. We see the boys in a little wrestling action before Jeremy is forced to worship Nick's shoes and bare feet. Nick thinks Jeremy is slacking - so a hard spanking is administered to Jeremy's insolent ass. The boys end up side by side on the bed, jacking off together and looking hungrily at each other's stiff, pulsing cocks as they pump their manhood and shoot their sweet, creamy spooge onto their smooth chests.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Now we meet Justin. He's a real ex-navy guy and after showing off a few of his uniforms for us, he gets naked and shows off his sailor cock and ass. He rips open his tight, white briefs to reveal his eager cock and then stretches his ass cheeks open to let us see his puckered boy-hole. He talks directly to you as he jacks off. I love it when you watch me he says and pumps his hard, horny cock some more. The camera gets close up to this navy stud and lingers all over his hot body as, now naked except for his boots, he lubes up his hungry ass and fills it with a shiny, black butt-plug. He pounds the plug in and out of his twitching hole until, moaning and groaning, he shoots his hot load.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Straight boy Nick is back again. This time he's alone on the bed playing with a baseball. But he's soon playing with his hard cock instead - stroking it through his white cotton boxers as he teases and squeezes his nipples through his open shirt. Before long, his shirt comes off, his shorts get yanked down to his ankles and our nasty boy is pumping and punishing his rock-hard cock and shooting his steamy, creamy load. Then he commands you to: Lick the cum off my dick, pledge. You’ll wish you could reach right into the screen and obey!

We conclude with some clips from our other titles.

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Frat Boys Being Nasty

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