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Signature Series: Todd

I had met Todd several years before these shoots when he worked for a moving company and they moved a friend of mine. I was only shooting soft core then and asked Todd and another mover to pose. They were both hot, but Todd was a much better model. He was so eager to get naked that I actually had a hard time getting the ''teaser'' shots that I wanted. Fast forward a few years and as I stopped for a traffic light I looked to my right and there was Todd. We talked through rolled down windows and he followed me back to the studio. What you will see is the fruits of the next few weeks. Todd is hot as hell and even though he's straight and always ''dating'' some hot chick, he's on the verge of exploring his sexuality. I think the last scene will blow you away. It sure blew me away!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one is a get to know Todd shoot. As I said he is eager to strip and he is naked in no time; a very good start! He tries on some very tight fade jeans but isn't in the mood for clothes. I figure if the guy wants to be naked, let him be naked! After some poses that show his huge low hanging nuts and ass (including a mouth-watering spread ass shot!!) Todd gets in bed and lets the camera roam over his hot, sexy very masculine form as he sleeps. Walking in on a sleeping stud like this has been one of my yet to be fulfilled fantasies, but this is close. As he wakes up with morning wood, he begins to play with his cock and it responds quickly. His cock is thick and cut and looks like a perfect fuck stick with its mushroom head.

In his second shoot, he plays with toys. Again he is naked (the guy can't seem to stay dressed around me and I am not complaining!) He starts to massage his tight little pink asshole and soon he has a finger buries deep in his butt. His finger is soon displaced by a butt plug and he is very into his anal education taking each step slowly and savoring the feeling of his ass work out. The butt plug gives way to a vibrator and he is definitely surprised how good his tingling sphincter feels. Hey, fucking his butt feels good! Back to the plug for a short while and then he goes back to the vibrator. I remind him to take it slow and he decides he's had enough for today so it's off to the shower to get all the lube cleaned off. Again the camera captures every delicious inch of this hot straight guy as he soaps up and rinses off.

His next shoot is a bit of bondage in an old meat locker that happened to be in the back of my first studio. He is restrained against the wall in tight jeans and sleeveless tee shirt looking a little scared. Obviously this is a first for him. Once he's striped down to a jock strap and blindfolded, I subject him to a little tit torture with some clothespins. I strip off his jock and begin to massage his heavy nuts and ever thickening cock. When his hands are free, they begin to caresses his oiled torso and work their way down to his cock. Todd braces himself against the wall, arches his butt out and attacks his ass with a big vibrator. Working it deep into his butt he shows no mercy and is obviously enjoying the fucking very much. I suggest it might feel even better if he got in the sling and he is ready to go. In the sling he again attacks his ass with the vibrator talking directly to you telling you just how he is feeling. Hot stuff! You see his ass being fucked in some tight close ups and long shots that set the scene and make you feel like you are there as this hot stud takes a very big step in his sexual life.

Now he's serious about butt play and does a quick clean out. He doesn't want anything to interfere with it's pleasure. After the enema we break for lunch. Then it's back to the studio and I get some rare clothed shots of him and he actually waits to strip so I can film it. Once he's naked he gets comfortable and after some very hot posing including some great pit and butt shots, he attacks his ass again. His first toy is his own finger an as it disappears I can tell he is anxious to move on. He fucks his ass with a butt plug, and then examines each toy and talks about them as he decides what is to be next. And the lucky winning toy is the black vibrator. He's getting much more comfortable with the idea of getting fucked and his relaxation is also making it easier. Hell, he wants it! After the vibrator he gets fucked with a cucumber and then a beer bottle. Both feel pretty good but he really gets a kick out of the beer bottle. Kinkiness appeals to this unconventional stud who attaches some nipple clamps to his chest as he fucks his butt with the bottle. He goes for the big manrammer dildo next and does a good job working the latex into his butt. In fact he takes both ends and then spreads his dilated hole for your inspection. Next he gets on all fours and fucks his ass with the bottle which slides right between those beautifully white glutes.

Todd has decided to take another important step: cocksucking. He sucks dick with an enthusiasm and is very surprise how much he likes it. He sucks and explores the dick with his tongue. Swallowing it deeply. For a happy ending, he takes a facial cum shot and as the hot cum splatters on his chest and across his handsome face a sly satisfied smile creeps across his cum stained lips.

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Signature Series: Todd

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