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Signature Series: Judd

I was not happy when the grass in the back yard died and I had to get it replaced. But that all changed when Judd showed up to do the work. He is 24, 5' 10'', about 160lb and has a very sexy tanned hairy body. I was dying to see him naked and we started to talk while he took a break. He told me how tough it was financially with a recent car repair and I offered him some modeling work. He jumped at the chance and you get to see what happened as this hot sexy straight guy goes farther than I ever thought he would! Spend almost 90 minute watching this very sexy guy expand his sexuality!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one show Judd hard at work prepping the yard for the new sod. He looks hot in his work clothes and sunglasses, whipping the weed eater around. This is just how I first saw him and I thought you'd enjoy seeing this hot man just like he came to your house! I wasted no time in closing the deal and getting him into the studio. He came back later that day all showered and dressed for an interview. I like it when they put some effort into the job! There's nothing like sex talk to get a straight guy relaxed. It seems that bragging about their conquests puts them at ease. He answers all my questions and I start him stripping gradually. First his shirt and while we enjoy the view of his tanned hairy chest, I plan my next move which is to get him to drop his pants. As he relaxes in the chair the camera glides over his body showing you every hot inch. Being naked makes his dick start to get hard and that's a good sign! Another good sign is he isn’t butt shy as I talk him through some butt pose in the air. And what a beautiful pink hairy hole this guy has! I don't want to push him too much the first day so after a little costume work in a jock strap, I get him on the platform or some more butt and come-fuck-me-shots, and then put on a video for him and he starts to jack his dick. He gives it a good work over and I shoot it from several angles until he shoots a very healthy thick white load all over his hairy belly.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's almost two weeks later and Judd is back in the studio for some more work. He quickly strips and because I have high hopes for today, I suggest we trim his ass. He gets on his knees without any hesitation and soon his virgin hole is exposed for all to see. This shoot is going very well so far! After the trim, he gets in bed and goes through a great butt show where he poses in all the hot, ''come-fuck-me-poses,'' and spreads his straight virgin ass. It is a great surprise that he is so open and accommodating.

After the butt show, I get him on his back with his legs up and spread some baby oil on his buns. He starts rubbing and massaging his ass and I coax him into fingering his ass for the first time. He slides his finger all the way and begins to jack his hard dick. He does so well with the finger that I give him the small butt plug and he looses his butt cherry to the little piece of latex. He poses with the butt plug and gets comfortable with the idea of something in his ass. He is so comfortable that I give him the small vibrator. I can tell by how quickly he inserts it and how deep he pushes it that he is actually getting into this! I mean, this guy is really making an effort! Of course, it helps that his dick is hard while he's learning to play with his butt!

He gets so comfortable that I get to fuck his ass with the vibrator while he's on his knees and I am absolutely amazed how complacent this straight virgin butt stud is! Guess his virgin days are numbered! After the vibrator comes the glass dildo which he says is more comfortable because it is smoother. He fucks his butt and jacks his hard dick and I am anxious to see how far he will go. I hand him the larger vibrator and again I am amazed how eagerly he shove it deep in his ass. With his legs in the air, I fucks this guy's hot ass with the vibrator and he can't say he hasn't been fucked by a guy after that! (Do I hear Queen singing ''Another one bites the dust''?) The white vibrator is replaced by the beer bottle and his dick stays rock hard. He even says he can't believe he's getting fucked and neither can I. I can sense he's getting too close to cumming and I want him to shoot while being fucked, so I give him the big red butt plug. It is large enough for him to know it's there and will leave his hands free for ''other matters.'' He stands up with the plug firmly in place and when he bends over and tightens his ass, the plug slides in even deeper in a close up shot! Back in bed he poses with the plug and jacks his dick playing with his chest and nipples before he shoots on his belly. He moves around and poses with the butt plug still in place and a load of cum dripping down his tanned torso. God, what a hot model! He shows you all the toys he played with and talks about what he's done and how it felt. He pulls the butt plug out in a close up so tight you can see his anal muscles stretch. In one last interview, he admits how much he liked this, how good it felt and ya he is on board for more! I can't wait for his next shoot!

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amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

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Signature Series: Judd

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