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Signature Series: Tommy Keller

Tommy came to us from our model Taz; they grew up in the same neighborhood. He is a handsome man with a stocky body and a very sexy chest that his girlfriend had him shave two days before his first shoot. She said all porn stars shave. And I guess the bitch knows her stuff. Yeah, right. But straight men are asses when it comes to their women, so unfortunately he’s shaved. But I think you will find this guy appealing in a jock-football kind of way. And you won’t see him doing this kind of stuff anywhere else!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

This videos starts out with Tommy in the studio. He came straight from work and is in jeans and a tee shirt with no sleeves. After our off camera interview, we get started and he strips gradually exposing his body a little at a time. When he unzips, he pulls out a hefty uncut dick that begins to swell. He slowly jacks his foreskin in a tight close up for all you fans of uncut cock. He also spreads his butt for the first time on camera. As he continues to strip, I get him into and out of several costumes to get him used to taking direction and all he studio lights. I show him how I want him to play with his thick dick in the Lycra shorts and it gets harder and harder. When he gets in bed I walk him though our requisite butt show. I just love getting these straight men in all the basic come-fuck-me positions and it also shows me how well they take orders. Tommy does very well seeming eager to spread his hot virgin hole and share every inch of his hot body.

After the butt show on his back, on his stomach and on his knees, I get him to start working on his dick again. He’s rock hard in a very short time and soon he’s shooting a load of hot cum all over his hand and stomach. He stands up and lets his cum drip down his torso for your approving eyes. I throw him a towel and he mops up.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It’s a week later and Tommy wants to make more money, so I tell him what he can do to make more cash. He’s never played with his ass before, but money talks! He gets nipple clamps on under his tee shirt and teasingly shows you his chest stubble and pinched nips. I also get him to spread his ass for you. Tommy gets in bed and does a really hot spread ass shot where his ass is dilated in anticipation of his butt play!

First is his greased finger followed by the small butt plug. By the way, did you know people have offered to buy the toys from these shoots. The small plug, the red plug and the beer bottle are the three most popular followed by the manrammer. Maybe I should list them on EBay! Tommy works his way through both vibrators and goes on to the red butt plug. The whole time he is working on his ass, his cock stays hard as he jacks it. And he sure looks hot on all fours with a big red butt plug up his ass and his hard cock swaying in the breeze! When he pulls the plug out, his dick jumps like he’s been electrocuted. He replaces the plug with the beer bottle and after he’s mastered the King of Beer Bottles, he fucks his ass with a zucchini. He takes the green vegetable (fruit?) so deep it stays in hands free! After standing up impaled on the zucchini, he jacks his dick and shoots a huge load (much bigger than his first!) all over his chest! He stands up, pops the zucchini out of his ass and the spreads his well-fucked hole for your inspection!

Tommy is in the bathroom getting cleaned up. He shaves as you look over his shoulder and then hops in the shower for some hot water therapy. He soaps his hunky masculine body and shows you every inch as he works himself over for your pleasure. This is one hunky guy! After making sure he’s clean from stem to stern (literally) he dries off and is ready for his next shoot.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Tommy wants more money and has agreed to go all the way. He sucks dick, tongues balls and gets fucked on his side, on his back and shows you his no-longer-virgin-hole. For a super finish, he takes a cum shot across his handsome face! You will be glad you spent some time with Tommy Keller!

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Signature Series: Tommy Keller

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