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JackBuddies #38: Dan and Chance

Dan has been progressing nicely in the Gemini Institute for Anal Studies! He’s mastered the toys and sucked cock and lost his cherry in his Signature Series video. Now, he’s taken on Chance and his mega-dick! I got these two together and took Chance aside and asked him to really work Dan over, and man, did he! Dan takes it all and wants more! Great creamy cum shotz in this video, too!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one is one of Dan’s toy shoots. He is in he studio chilling without his shirt. I always enjoy a hot hairy chest, so it’s cool with me! Dan stands up and does some shirtless posing which makes me hot to get going with the shoot. After capturing his top half front and back, I suggest we interview him about his sex life. Then it’s time to get down to business, naked business! He drops his jeans and bends over to show us an ass that should have it’s own billing in this video! He is quick to get in bed and starts working on his cock. Remember his pubes are shaved because his girl likes it that way (that bitch!) So as he works his ever-expanding cock, I am getting together his toys for today. Dan goes through a good butt show on his back and on his stomach spreading his hole as wide as he can.

When he gets his dick hard, he starts fingering his ass, getting it all primed for some serious butt play. Dan jacks his hard cock and fingers his tight butt in long shots and close ups so you see the whole picture. I want to make sure you see his face as the toys get larger and go deeper! His finger is replaced by the little butt’s ok to start out small! Then he moves up to a vibrator. And when that isn’t enough, he goes for an even larger glass dildo. He continues to jack his dick and soon has a larger vibrator deep in his ass. Dan wants even more, so he fucks his butt with our infamous beer bottle before shoving a zucchini in as deep as he can. The zucchini is so deep it stays in his ass, hands-free so he can use both hands to work his straining cock. This is some hot stuff! The zucchini is replaced by the red butt plug and this must be the poppa-bear of toys because it seems to be just right! He puts on quite a show posing wit the butt plug, even standing up in the mirror for your pleasure! Dan jacks his cock and soon shoots a thick hot creamy load all over his hairy belly. He tells you all about his session and how it felt before he pulls the butt plug out of his ass in a close up so tight you can see his butt muscles stretch!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Dan is naked in the studio waiting for Chance who happens to be late. When he shows up, they get naked and Chance’s cock is already hanging down to his knees! Dan has never seen a dick as big and he’s a little unsure about it! But he’s a trooper and is soon on his knees sucking and licking the huge piece of meat! I love to see a basically straight guy suck dick and Dan is especially hot as he hesitates and then goes for it! Chance kicks back and enjoys the blowjob, giving Dan tips on his cock-sucking. He moves south to Chance’s ball sac which is an object of desire in itself. It is huge and hangs almost to his knees! Dan licks and sucks his sac before moving back north to the huge cock in front of him. Chance returns the favor sucking Dan and licking his balls, too. When Dan gets on his knees, Chance and his tongue are right as Dan’s ass eating it fiercely. The guys continue trading blowjobs and licking each other’s chests and pits until Dan slides a condom on Chance and gets is position to get fucked.

Chance fucks him on his side long, hard and deep before turning Dan on his back for some deep penetration. Seeing Chance's huge cock approach a quivering ass is a real treat and as it squeezes into Dan's tight almost virgin butt is HOT! They fuck and fuck with Dan's legs pulled back up and high, and even gets it on his knees doggy style! And you get to see it so close you can hear the huge cock sliding in and out of Dan's tight ass. After some really scorching fucking, Chance shoots a huge load all over Dan's chest and face before Dan returns the facial favor! They pose together and share a hot straight kiss. And bend over showing you their hot asses side by side!

Now it's time to get cleaned up and they head for the shower, but they aren’t done yet! In the shower, the two guys soap each other up and trade blowjobs again. Their wet soapy bodies slide together as they move around the tight shower as the hot water runs down their manly chests. And the hot water makes Chance's ball hag even lower! They share one last kiss and agree to meet again. I can't wait!

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JackBuddies #38: Dan and Chance

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