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Chris' Toy Box

This video is over two hours of ass play featuring a hot tanned, tattooed muscled blonde man. Sound, hot? IT IS!! If you are into toys, this is the video for you! We were experimenting with a new lighting system and a new camera and the color isn't as perfect as I would have liked, but this video more than makes up for any tech problem! Don't miss the final image of him with his legs up and a moose doll stuck half in his ass waving god-bye!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one is a good introduction to a very sexy man. You get to see Chris in a costume photo shoot that shows off every part of this hot body. You may be surprised that he's wearing a big red butt plug for the shoot; in fact he's as into the plug as it is into him! He talks directly to you and tells you just what he wants. After he's fueled your fantasies with a little butt play and a speculum, he gets down to business and starts working on his cock. This cocky blonde stud with the sexy blonde pleasure trail puts on quite a show jerking off in front of a big mirror. The image of two Chris standing side by side is almost too much of a good thing! He shoots a good sized thick load all over the glass and then licks it up. I love a man who cleans up after himself.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene two starts with Chris clothed but not for long. He does a sexy strip and after telling us what he's going to do today, gets in bed to work on is dick. When he gets hard, Chris starts working on his ass. He fucks his butt with a zucchini which almost disappears! Again the mirror image allows you to see the show from two viewpoints. He works his cock and his ass but this is only the beginning. After getting fucked on his back, on his knees and standing, he introduces you to the real star of the show: a 12-inch latex manrammer dildo! He sucks on it and then shoves it deep in his ass. He fucks himself on his back on his knees before surrendering the dildo to me to continue the fucking. Chris sits on the dildo and rides it and then shows you his well fucked hole. Then he scoots up close to the mirror and gets his legs in the air. He is so close to the mirror that he can wedge the dildo between his ass and the glass and ride the dildo while working on his hard dick. This is the first time we've used this position and I love the visual as the dildo slides deeper and deeper! When he's had enough fucking (for the day), he nuts all over his hand and eats his load again!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene three is a hot ride on a big dildo. Chris is already naked and in bed with a hard dick. The big dildo disappears into his hungry butt as he fucks himself with his toy of the day. When he's ''opened up'' and ready, he sits on the dildo and rides it facing front wards and back wards. You see the action from all angles including in the mirror. After he's ridden the dildo, he rides it again with it stuck to the door. In this position he can grind his ass all the way down on the toy and get a deep fuck. The action is shot in tight closes of his ass and in long shots for you to enjoy. After a real good fucking, he cums all over the dildo and cleans it up with his tongue!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Scene four starts with some outdoor nude posing by the pool. Of course there are a lot of butt shots and delicious close ups of his tight tanned body. Then we go into the studio and get him ready for another toy shoot. Chris gets comfortable in a rattan poppas, a chair that help his legs stay in the air. After some hard dick and hot butt shots (with some special spread hole footage), he fingers his butt and then sticks a vibrator up his hot butt. He wants something bigger, so a larger vibrator comes to the rescue. Chris works his cock and fucks his butt before bring his old friend, the red butt plug, back into his ass. He really enjoys the plug and it leaves both hands free for some serious jacking. But Chris wants variety and after sucking on the manrammer dildo, fucks his butt in long, hard, deep strokes. I take control of the dildo and give it to him just the way he likes it! He is so hot and has to get off, so he fucks his butt with a zucchini and shoots all over his hot hairy belly! After showing you his hot load, he pops the zucchini out hands free and shows you a close up of his just fucked hole.

Don't miss the final image of him with his legs up and a moose doll stuck half in his ass waving god-bye!

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Chris' Toy Box

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