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Signature Series: Chuck

Chuck is an interesting man. He is 30 and has some of the best ink I have ever seen. I met him at the same 7-11 that I met Mike Scott. Funny as they are both similar types (Butch, hairy, tatted, quiet and surprisingly anal) This video is almost 2 hours of him from his first shoot, through his toy play, to sucking a cock, getting fucked and then work done in a sling! And you won't believe the cum that comes out of this man! Multiple spurts fly across the room in each of his 3 cumshots!! I wish I had done more with him. In editing I was a little disappointed in the color, but it doesn’t interfere with a very hot video!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one is Chuck's first day with me in the studio. You see him just as I found him. The camera slowly pans his hot body while he's fully dressed and I get him to strip gradually. As he does, he reveals a fascinating masculine mixture of tanned skin, hair and ink. He is a bit nervous and occasionally laughs a little nervously. All to be expected, though. I have him try on and pose in several costumes to relieve his tension and provide us with some fantasy material. He looks great in each! He comes in the studio totally ungroomed which I like a lot better than with shaved pubes, but he is a little ragged ''down below'' so we give him a trim. He relaxes as his pubic hair and an armpit are trimmed and even submits to the tit clamps! Chuck looks so hot in a jockstrap I can't wait to get him in bed (for you, of course!) Once he's flat, I talk him through our butt show where he shows you his pink ole. His ass is a bit hairy and we leave it totally natural.

Chuck oils up his torso and starts to jack his dick. When he is rock hard (and I do mean rock) he stands for you to see his magnificent cut cock. He gets back in bed and jerks his dick until he shoots an enormous wad that flies over his head as he continues shot after shot of hot white cum. I am amazed and ask him about his load and he says it happens every time! He stands and displays his soaked torso and we talk about him tasting his cum, which doesn't happen. He gets back in bed for some more spread ass shots, and then takes a nice long, hot steamy shower. His body looks great and you get to be a ''fly on the wall'' as this hot man gets clean.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It is the very next day and he's back. Off camera, Chuck told me that he has experimented with toys, so get right to work. He is naked and in bed ready for some action. With a variety of toys spread out for him, he starts fingering his ass and works his way from butt plug, through vibrators, dildos and a beer bottle. Chuck fucks himself on his back and on his knees and I even get to help him out a bit! He even sits on a dildo and rides it with clothespins on his nipples!

Chuck says he likes the butt play and wonders what it would be like to really get fucked. Ever the accommodating host, I let him suck my cock and then fuck him bareback! The amazed look on his face as he experiences this is hot and sexy, but I will truly be forever grateful for him saying my dick is too big for him! (Not true, by the way!) So now that he has totally lost his cherry, Chuck shoots another cum shot on the mirror! He tells you all about the shoot and what he did!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

The next scene is Chuck in the Playroom. The handsome, hot, basically straight, butch man is man-handled and fondled in his jeans and out while he is strung up and blindfolded. I play with his hard cock a lot and who wouldn't given the chance! He's into it and soon is flat on his back with is legs spread in a sling! He gets his ass worked over with some fingers and toys before shooting for a third time, flooding his ripped torso with hot jizz. A little talk about the shoot and some more spread ass shots and we done for today.

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Signature Series: Chuck

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