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Brent's Toy Box

This video is two and a half hours of a very hot man who has gotten into ass play very reluctantly. Shot over a 13 month period, there are 3 cum shots in this project and some fantastic ass play. Brent is also surprisingly verbal as he conquers his straight boy fear of the anal unknown! Do not miss this one if you are into straight men's asses and serious butt play!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The video starts out in the studio with a simple premise: Brent gets naked and jacks off. He looks hot in (and out) of anything he wears, but in tight jeans he's a knock out. But this isn’t a fashion show so he gets naked very soon. He enjoys posing and I certainly enjoy watching, so we get a good muscle show. After that, Brent gets comfortable on the sofa and jacks his dick to a big creamy climax that shoots all the way up his chest! Brent cleans up in the shower after his afternoon sexual exercise.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene two is another jack off session, only this one features Brent doing our ''Gemini Butt Show'' for the first time. He is finally at ease showing his fabulous ass and here you see it all up close. After about 10 minutes of hot anal scenery, he jacks off on his knees and then smears his load all over his tight abs and chest, which he says is, ''fucked up, man.'' He even slips on a pair of nipple clamps for your entertainment.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene three is Brent's first toy play. He starts out in bed clips, looking very comfortable. He has agreed to do a video where he will get gang banged by 6 girls with strap-on dildos, so this is to be a training session. He starts off showing his pretty ass and then begins to finger it very slowly. This is his very first attempt at anal action. He is loosing his cherry as you watch. When he comfortable with e finger, he slides the small butt plug deep in his virgin hole and starts to work on his cock. He flips over on his knees and poses in the mirror. He looks very hot on his knees, BTW!! He has done so well with the small plug, that I give him a small vibrator which he takes with no problem. After showing us how he can hold it in his ass ''hands free,'' he lets me fuck him with the vibrator before flipping over on his knees again. So far so good, so I give him the larger cock-sized white vibrator and he bravely shoves it deeper than anything has ever been inside him. He fucks his butt and looks great doing it. He starts to tense up, so we call it quits for this session.

It's a few days later and Brent is nude in the poppa san in the studio. We start off with some spread ass shots to get both of us in the mood and Brent starts fingering his butt with his beefy legs in the air. The finger is followed by a small vibrator and then the larger one. He is much more relaxed and soon has replaced the large vibrator with a big red butt plug. His cock is rock hard and he shows it to you with the plug for your inspection. We are seeing a side of Brent I never thought we would! The butt plug comes out and is replaced with the infamous beer bottle that will one day be sold on EBay. After some beer bottle fucking, Brent shows you his dilated hole and then sucks on a big dildo before sliding it deep in his ass. I fuck him with dildo as he jacks his cock and we make plans for the climax. He wants to try to cum with something in his ass (for the first time) and he chooses the zucchini! With the not so little green vegetable up his ass he jacks his cock and works hard at getting off. It is a strange feeling but one he is getting into. He can't cum yet, so he gets out a big lifelike dildo and sits on the rubber cock. He is getting so fucked as he slides the dildo deep up his butt that he can't get off.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Scene four starts off with Brent showing you his toy box ad telling you what he likes and what he's going to do. After asking if any of you want to come fuck him, our toy fantasy starts. Brent comes home and goes to the bedroom. After emptying his pockets, he gets in bed fully dressed in the jeans and shirt he wore out that evening. He starts to rub his crotch and can feel his cock and balls under the tight denim. He rubs his chest and slowly starts to undress in bed. He strips off his shirt and unzips his jeans revealing a white jock strap. He uses his hands to explore his chest and the jock. The shirt comes off and he plays with his nipples. He is getting tuned on and after licking his biceps and running his hands through his pits; he turns both hands toward his crotch. He rubs the straining jock and must release his aching cock and balls. He slides the jeans off and continues his massage of his jock pouch while starting to explore his ass. Brent flips over on his stomach as his hands follow the crack of his hot muscular butt looking for his tiny hole. He rubs his hole and teases it before getting rid of the jock.

Now completely naked, he oils sis chest and torso playfully teasing his nipples and caressing his tanned body. He works his cock to a hard on and starts to explore his ass. He fingers his butt as he jacks his cock. He flips over on his stomach and fucks the sheets as he pulls on his ass cheeks. Fingering his tight hole only makes him hornier, so he flips back over on his back and starts working on his cock. After some serious stroking and finger fucking, Brent remembers his toy box is under the bed. He retrieves it and looks through his collection deciding what to use first. He decides on the small vibrator and slides the lucky toy up his ass. He moans as he fucks his butt until he must have something larger. He gets out the bigger vibrator, but after using it for a bit, decides on a large glass butt plug. With the plug securely in place, he has both hands free to work on his hard cock. And as an added bonus, the glass plug allows you to see just how stretched his virgin-no-more hole is! After fucking the pillow with the butt plug firmly in place, Brent shows you his stretched hole and fucks it with the beer bottle. Beer bottle is replaced with the zucchini for some more cock play. Getting on all fours and jacking his dick, he pops the zucchini out of his ass to make way for a cucumber. He fucks his butt with the very large vegetable (fruit?) but it is too much of a good thing! He goes on to the big manrammer dildo and almost takes the whole 10 inches! He is so hot and horny that he mounts a dildo stuck to the bathroom door and rides it groaning in ecstasy as he moves. By now, after an hour of hot ass action, he must get off. He jacks his dick while sniffing his still warm jock strap. He shoves the jock in his mouth as he jacks his cock furiously. But he wants something in his ass when he cums. Brent goes back to the glass butt plug and when it is in place, strokes his cock to a very satisfying climax on his 6-pak abs.

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amateur porn dvd

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Brent's Toy Box

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