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JackBuddies #46

This video is comprised of several training sessions featuring Travis, Luke and Steve. I have always thought Travis is one of the best looking men ever and he reminds me of Leonardo diCaprio at his hottest when he made ''The Beach'' (Thank God he doesn t look like Leo in ''The Aviator'' !!). And Steve has a Charlie Sheen kind of thing going on. So can you handle a fuck scene where Leo gives it to Charlie long and hard? Use your imagination on this one, my friends!

Travis and Luke

First up Travis & Luke in a couple of shoots that take Luke from anal virgin to thoroughly fucked stud. In the beginning the guys had set certain parameters on what they would do. All fucking was to be faked. I agreed knowing I could never use the footage but was willing to see where it might lead. The guys start out in their briefs and work through a short posing routine that compares their physiques. Luke is the first to get down on his knees and start blowing Travis. He sucks Travis cock and licks his balls and once Travis is rock hard, Luke makes him return the favor. Travis is one of the best looking I have ever seen, let alone shot and he looks even hotter with a cock in his mouth. The two men do some more poses for me and then go on do try some fucking position. I talk them through a couple of ways to fuck and they look pretty hot and you can see Steve is getting more comfortable with the idea of another man on top of him. He gets into the fake moaning and groaning and even improvises some dialogue about getting fucked! He is getting so used to another man, that he urges Travis to slide a condom on his hard dick so he can sit on it. Steve sits down on Travis and rides his cock for real and I think he is amazed at the feeling. After fucking him, Travis shoots a huge load all over Luke s face and then sucks the cock that just fucked him! He stands up and shows you his cum splattered chest. When Travis shoots, it is like a fire hose!

It is a few days later and both men are back. They are in bed together nude and hard. Travis pts on a condom and mounts Steve from the rear. We have bit of trouble getting a shot that allows the camera a clear view, so they move on to doggy style. Luke is really getting fucked hard and Travis is enjoying it! He gets the tanned blonde on his back with his legs up and slides his cock deep inside.

A couple of day later, they are back again for some more fucking. Luke has gone Hollywood and bleached him hair which doesn t thrill me, but they are here and horny so I agree to let the show go on. Travis fucks Luke on his side thrusting deep into the older man. They open up the bed and Luke fucks Travis on his stomach and then on his knees before flipping him over n his side. Luke makes a determined bottom and is soon sitting on Travis hard dick riding it. Travis gets him back on his back for some deep thrusting which Luke especially likes. Travis spreads Luke s legs like a wishbone and fucks the hell out of him! Then he shoots another of him huge loads all over Luke s face and Luke shoots in his own hand. Luke sucks Travis spent cock and they part as friends !

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Travis and Steve

The second feature of this video is Travis with Steve. Steven announces he wants to get fucked and Travis is the man for the job. Steven gets himself hard and when Travis comes in, Steve loose no time going down on the hot blonde. Steve sucks and sucks and even licks his chest and pits. He gets Travis to return the oral favor lick for lick and then it s magic time! They practice some very loud fake fucking and we make plans for a real shoot. A few days later, Travis and Steve are back. They get naked and Steve starts giving Travis a tongue bath working his way down to his cock. They get in bed and Steve sits on Travis cock and rides it before getting on his back with heels to heaven. There some great fucking here with deep penetration. Travis shoots another huge load all over Steve who is amazed at the sheer volume of cum on his face and chest! Steve shoots his load on Travis back and then licks his load off and eats it!

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JackBuddies #46

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