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Working Men #2

When I was growing up in a small town in Florida, I was sure I was the only gay person in the state. Through the magic of the old LA Free Press classified ads, I discovered I wasn't! Finding Colt Studios and their unattainable men and among others now defunct studios, helped me realize I was human, too and it might be Ok to be different. But when I discovered old Reliable, I thought I had found a home. Here were the rough, straight men I encountered every day showing me what I longed to see but thought I would get hurt or killed for asking for! Yes, David Hurles of Old Reliable will always be a special mentor to me, even though he doesn't know I exist. This video is homage to him, showing the men that I have had the courage to approach, because he did. They aren't pretty, they are flawed and not for everyone, but they are MEN. Make no mistake about that.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

First up is an especially handsome man, Ron. Almost 40 when I shot him, he was suffering from an eye injury. In fact, I picked him up at the Hospital! He was an eager model and a quick learner as you will see. He is lean, smooth and muscular. Given a different set of circumstances, this handsome man could have had it all. Once he relaxed (I guess I owe that to Budweiser!) he did anything I suggested. Though he had been in prison and in his own words ''guarded his ass'' he gave it up for the video. He uses a variety of toys and gets off getting fucked with a beer bottle! A hot steamy shower and he s ready for the road.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

George came from the circus community of Gibsonton, Fl and looked very straight in his tee shirt and jeans. He was 23 when we met and even though he called several times, this was the only time we got together. Once he got naked and relaxed (again thanks to Bud) he told me (and you) about his bisexual escapades! And the fact that he has one nut added to the honesty. He plays with some toys and gets off holding a vibrator deep in his ass. He too takes a shower and we get to watch.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

JB, who was 30 when we shot this, is probably the most honest and also the strangest of the four men. And I mean that in a good way. He admits to being actively bisexual and says he likes ''it all''. And when you see how enthusiastic he gets as the toys get big, you will know he ain't lying! He shoots a big load while sitting on a dildo and takes the post-play shower for all of our enjoyment. His deep good-ole boy voice adds a lot of sex appeal to his segment!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Jim is my personal favorite of the group. I met him when he was doing to tree work (he's a climber, which is a big deal). I saw him several times and this was not his first shoot! In fact, it took a lot of work to get him this comfortable. He's in his mid 30s and very muscular, slightly hairy and has a big dick and low hanging balls. His cock gets bigger and bigger as he works the toys in his ass and even though he shoots without a toy, his climax is well worth watching. Jim, also showers and we call it a day!

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Working Men #2

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