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Signature Series: Buddy

If you have followed my videos, you know that my taste in men is pretty Catholic or universal. I have some pretty men, but can appreciate some more rugged real men types. Buddy is one such case. I met him on the street and took him right back to the studio for his first shoot. He called me back for several more sessions and here are the results.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

At first, his eyes dart around the room as if looking for an escape as he gradually strips, unveiling a hairy body developed form hard work. He has a couple of tats on his chest and back and each has its own story. I left this shoot with very little editing so you could feel the tension of the first shoot as if you were there. We get him naked so I can see what we have to work with, and then start with some costumes to see what kind of fantasy we can get going. We even get him in the nipple clamps and jock strap! He is a bit reluctant to really spread his ass and it takes a couple of times before he gets it right and we finally see some pink!

Buddy gets in bed and strips off the jock strap leaving his legs in the air. He goes into our ''Butt Show'' and shows off his ass in a variety of ''come-fuck-me'' positions: legs up, on his stomach and on his knees. He is relaxing more and more and after I squirt some baby oil on his torso, I encourage him to start enjoying his body. After he rubs his hairy chest and belly, his hands work their way to his cock and balls. He gets hard almost instantly! A very good sign, indeed! I get him to stand up so we can get a good look at his hard-on. After jacking his dick standing up, he gets comfortable in the bed for some serious attention to his cock. He must be doing something right because he starts to cum almost immediately. He shoots a load of thick white stuff all over his hairy belly and his hand and the camera lingers on his exhausted body and spent load. He stands up with his load dripping down his torso and then cleans up.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Normally this would be the end of the shoot, but he wants to make a little extra cash, so we move on to a small toy shoot! At this point, his ass is virgin and the idea of playing with it is very foreign. At first he says he won't do it, but his fingers keep rubbing his ass crack. He admits that girls have fingered it, but that's '' normal.'' Even as he says no, his fingers slides in his ass and begins to finger fuck it. After he fingers his ass on his back and on his stomach, I toss him the little butt plug, you know, the beginner model! With out a word of protest, he starts lubing it up and seems to know just where it goes. He poses with the butt plug on his back, on his stomach and on his knees. He does so well with the little plug, that I give him a small vibrator to try. He is doubtful but proceeds with his anal invasion and soon the vibrator is disappearing in his tight ass. After a few minutes and posing again on his back, stomach and knees, I think he's had enough for one day and tell him to pull the vibrator out. Buddy then sits on the foot of the bed and tells you about the shoot and what he has experienced for the first time today! I am not sure he's being sincere when he says he wants to get fucked again! He has to get rid of the lube in his butt, so he takes a long hot shower paying attention to every part of his mature body. When I try to give him some pointers on washing his ass, he stops me saying, ''I know what you want to see!'' OK, the guys a fast learner and you got to love his enthusiasm and willingness to please!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

It is almost a week later and Buddy called wanting to do another shoot and ''go a little further.'' His words, not mine. Of course, I said come on over and we got started. He is fully dressed and is soon shirtless, working on his cock through his jeans. When he is totally hard, he releases his cock and goes back to playing with it. His cock isn't the biggest I have ever seen, but it sure gets hard as a rock! He jacks his dick, dropping his jeans lower and lower until I get him to just pose with a hard on and then show us his ass and hard dick in the same shot! He only has two hands so I have to help him spread his ass. He wants to try the clamps again and who am I to stop him? He sure looks like a submissive dream come true in naked in nipple clamps and a hard cock!

Buddy is gong to try some more toys, so I give him a little ''prep'' talk off camera and he decides to do an enema to ensure cleanliness. He does the enema on camera for those who want to see it. And his cock is hard all the while he is doing it! After a short break, Buddy gets in bed all clean, relaxed and ready to play! He starts jacking his hard cock and fingering his ass and is soon ready for the butt plug. He actually fucks his butt and jacks his dick before going on to the small vibrator. He is much more relaxed and at ease with the concept of anal action! He has the vibrator so deep it almost disappears! He fucks his ass and jacks his cock and is soon ready for more. He shows you how far he took the vibrator; (you will be amazed!) and after some instructions on how to do it, fucks his ass with the beer bottle! After fucking his ass on his back and on his knees, Buddy sits down on the beer bottle and takes it as deep as he can.

Buddy greases up the dildo with the suction cup base and sits on it, his hard cock bobbing as he slides up and down on the latex cock. He jacks his cock and rides the dildo until he shoots a load on his thigh. I coax him on some things to say, thinking I will edit the coaching out, but it is so hilarious getting him to repeat a simple statement that I left it in. Never big on outtakes, as amusing as they can be, I wanted you to see that my job is not all fun and games! Just most of it...

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Another couple of weeks have gone by; Buddy has done several more shoots and after mastering the toys, wonders what gay-for-pay is like. So he is going to try sucking cock and getting fucked. He starts out fully clothed telling you what he's going to do. Then he strips. As he's sucking, I take advantage of this new intimacy to ask him about his sex life. He's fairly candid and stops sucking long enough to answer my questions. He does not talk with his mouth full! Buddy gets fucked on his side in long shots and close ups; he gets fairly vocal as he's getting fucked, too. And at the end he tells you just what he's bee doing and how he liked it.

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Signature Series: Buddy

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