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Cuba's Toy Box

Cuba is a very interesting man. Like a lot of the Latino men I have known, he is a study in contrasts. There is his intensely masculine, or macho side, and his equally intense sexual urge that demands do be fulfilled. I guess his basic mantra would be: if it feels good, do it. He has discovered that he likes being fucked as much as he likes to fuck. And he is into shaving and water sports. And I don't mean water polo. His body is hard, tanned and muscular. His cock is unbelievably big and has a pearl inserted under the skin. His cock leaked so much pre-cum, it even had me saying, ''wow.'' This video was shot in two sessions and offers Cuba natural and hairy and shaved and smooth. I think it is hot to watch such an overwhelmingly masculine man enjoy his ass so honestly. I hope you agree! This video is almost 2 hours long, has 3 cum shots and features an alternative ending. What more could you want?

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Cuba is helping me with some yard work in the backyard. It is a typical Florida summer day; hot as hell. The sun acts like an aphrodisiac on him and he begins to think about getting off. He sneaks into the tool shed and makes sure no one is looking. He starts rubbing his strong, tanned chest and his hands run all over his hot body. He flexes and licks his bulging biceps. He rubs the crotch of his shorts grabbing his stiffening cock. He unzips his pants and pulls out his monster cock which is almost completely hard. It feels so good to have that huge piece of meat in his hand as he begins to jerk it. He continues to rub his nipples and play with his armpit as he works his dick. He is getting more and more into the feeling as he drops his shorts to the ground. Cuba jacks his rock hard cock but has to give his ass some attention. He turns around to finger his hungry butt. That only makes his ass want more attention and he looks around the shed for some thing to fuck himself with. He finds a wrench and lubes it up sliding the stainless steel tool deep into his horny ass. He pumps his ass while his hand jacks his cock in perfect unison; he is feeling great! Pre-cum drips out of his dick in silken threads as he works him self over, moaning and talking about how good he feels.

Cuba gets comfortable on some cushions for the patio furniture and starts fingering his ass. He finds a box of toys in the shed and starts to play. He works a glass dildo deep into his butt; his blood engorged cock draped over his thigh as he fucks his tight ass. He fucks his ass hard with the dildo and then goes for a large vibrator. Even that isn't enough in his hungry butt and so he slides a zucchini deep into his hot ass. He jacks his huge cock while the green toy rests firmly in his ass. He shoots an 8-spurt load of thick white cum on his belly. Cuba jumps down from his perch and runs to jump in the pool to cool off after a very hot session. He swims a bit and after drying off gives us one more butt shot. What a hot day! But it's not over yet! Cuba heads inside to the shower to wash the chlorine off, and we get to watch! It's pretty hot watching him run his hands all over his sexy tight body and manhandle his huge cock and balls. He seems to enjoy the attention he gives his ass and is in no hurry to finish. But all good things must come to an end and as he dries off, he wonders about shaving his body and decides he might juts do it next time.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It is a few days later and Cuba is back in the Studio and he has the clippers. He wasn't joking about shaving his body, and he showed up ready! He shaves his chest and arm pits and then I suggest he trim his pubic thatch, he takes almost all of it off! He can't shave his own butt, so being the helpful kind of guy I am, I volunteer. Hey, it's a tough job but somebody has to do it! His dick gets hard while I am shaving his ass, so I must have done a good job! And you see some delicious close ups of his hot hole. He takes a shower to get rid of the loose hair which can be so annoying in the Florida heat. After the shower, Cuba gets in bed for a photo shoot featuring his huge hard dick and equally hot ass!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

It's a few nights later and Cuba comes home from a night of serious clubbing and he's very horny. He is so anxious to get to his hot body that he rips off his tank top as he flexes and licks his hot biceps and pecs. When he releases his cock from the skin tight ripped jeans, it looks like an anaconda! He jerks his dick and gives his cum-laden balls a heavy workout which you get to see close up! He gives his ass some much needed attention as he rubs and spreads his ass cheeks. He flops into bed and slides the jeans up over his ankles with his legs in the air. The hot stud plays with his whole body as his erect dick jumps in anticipation. He tweaks his nipples and licks his biceps; he rubs his taut 6-packs abs and pecs with oil working his entire body into a state of sexual ecstasy. As he jacks his big cock, his fingers run between his legs to his ass crack seeking his tight hole. He starts fingering his ass while he jerks off. One finger is replaced by two and two fingers gives way to a vibrator shoved deep in his ass. He goes from smaller to larger as he selects toys to fuck his hungry ass. Butt plugs, beer bottles, zucchinis all get tried out looking for an answer to the itch deep in his ass. His cock stays hard as he fucks himself in different positions with different toys. Finally he gets off with the big red butt plug shooting a big load all over his belly and hand and pulls the plug out of his ass in a close up so tight, you can see his sphincter dilate. A nice hot shower follows; it's good to get clean after being so dirty!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Neither Cuba nor I was happy with the cum shot, so he came back the next day to re-do it and here is the alternative ending. Cuba is back in bed with the same red butt plug. Our intention was to splice this onto the previous shoot eliminating that cum shot; but I hate to discard footage! So here is Cuba starting from the red butt plug fucking his ass and jacking his very hard dick. He starts to rub the huge manrammer dildo all over his chest, playfully flicking his nipple with the latex cock head. He starts to suck on it and is ready to get rid of the plug and get fucked by the 12'' manrammer! After comparing the dildo to his own cock, he rams it in and fucks his ass hard. Now he knows what it feels like to get fucked by his own dick!

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Cuba's Toy Box

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