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Confessions Of A Bi-Sexual Stud

Warning: This video has hetero sex in it, but is menued so you can either watch it or not!! But it also has some of the most extreme anal action I have ever shot. Dennis is a very straight appearing man with shaggy blonde hair and a deep Florida tan and a killer body. He also has a dick-of-death and an insatiable ass. Not a bad combination, heh? This video has 4 cum shots and each one is a huge explosion of very thick, very white man-juice. I have to tell you that there are some technical glitches with lighting, but to me they don't detract from this super hot video.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

The video starts out with Dennis in the studio. He quickly strips revealing a mature man in fine physical condition. He is toned and tanned from years of outdoor construction work, but his horse cock is genetic! He oils up his body and gets his dick hard in front of a huge mirror that lets you enjoy front and back views as he fucks his ass with a variety of toys including a large butt plug, an ear of corn and the 12'' manrammer dildo which almost disappears. He shoots one of the largest, thickest and creamiest loads I have ever seen on the glass!

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amateur porn dvd

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The second scene is hetero, and features Dennis in oral sex and fucking a 23 year old blonde chick. She also fucks him with a vibrator, and you can tell from his expression as she does, that he was NOT into it! He shoots in a condom while in her and gets bawled out for not showing us the ''money shot''! Denis gets in the shower where he is forced to scrub away the fish scales. He is also made to lie down in he shower and get his legs I the air for some good teasing butt shots. He fingers his hole and shows you some of its surprising elastic properties

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Amateur Video Scene 3:

The third scene gets right down to business. Dennis is naked and ready to play. He starts out showing you his butt-hole and when I give him his choice of toys, he goes right for the largest life-life latex cock. He buries the rubber dick deep in his ass. After he has totally mastered the huge cock, he goes for another double headed dildo that is almost two feet long! He works the snake like toy into his hungry ass. It is truly amazing to watch this disappear into this stud's ass. I almost expect it to come out of his mouth! Next is the 10'' manrammer and man does he ram it! Next is another big life-like rubber cock with a large flange on its base. Dennis takes the entire toy including the base. Yes, he makes it totally disappear! And after he does, that, he makes it reappear as if by magic. Or maybe it's the birth of a dildo; either way it is a hot anal trick!

He flexes his butt muscles pulling the toy in and out with his very talented sphincter. After all that ass action, he wants to cum so he starts working on his cock which has remained semi-hard while he was playing. When he gets hard his cock looks just as big and almost as long as the dildos he just used. This guy's cock is huge! He wants to cum, but I want to prolong the shoot, so he flips over and we decide to shave his ass. His ass isn't that hairy, so just a light trim does it and he stays hard the whole time. His ass looks so hot all shaved and smooth that I can't resist greasing up a finger and finger fucking him. My finger gets replaced by a large flesh colored butt plug and Dennis flips over for some serious work on his cock. He jacks his hard cock with the butt plug shoved deep and I think he might want come more toy action. I spread out an assortment of toys for him, but we don't make it before his cock starts to shoot a thick load on his thigh.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Next is a toy shoot involving the HUGE Kris Lord dildo. Dennis is already hard, greased up and jacking his dick as we slide the huge toy into his waiting ass. When he can't get it deep enough, he moves things around so he can sit on what he calls the ''15 pound dildo!'' Holding on to chains for support, he lowers his ass onto the dildo. At first he can't take very much, after a bit, he sinks down almost all the way on the gigantic cock. It goes in too far too fast and he has to get off the toy. But, you know what they say about falling off a horse, right? Well, he gets right back on the dildo and this time rides it. It is incredible hot to watch this masculine man getting so thoroughly fucked by so large a toy and enjoying it. It is as if he's in a self induced erotic trance that he shares with the camera.

Next he goes back to the manrammer (one of his favorites) and pounds his ass. This is shot partially in a mirror on the floor so you get some really sharp close ups of the dildo invading his butt. Logistically, cumming will be difficult in this position, so he tries sitting on a slightly smaller cock. What follows is Dennis being very considerate as he tries different ways to get fucked by a dildo that offers a good camera angle! He lays on his back with the toy stuck to a vertical surface and rides it as he jacks his cock. He tries several positions and even goes back to the Kris Lord dildo, sitting on it on the floor. He takes it all and starts jacking his cock, stopping every so often to reposition the dildo deeper in his ass. Sweat breaks out on his upper lip as he takes the he dildo and he shoots another very thick load on his hair belly.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Amateur Video Scene 5:

The last scene features Dennis in the sling fucking his butt with another disappearing toy until he shoots 8 spurts of cum on his thigh.

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Confessions Of A Bi-Sexual Stud

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