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Charlie's Toy Box

This video contains shoots almost 3 years apart. You see Charlie as I first met him, a cute 23 year old dark haired country boy with light chest hair and an irresistible smile. And an ass of Death! He did a few shoots for me and then was called away to guard our country. We kept in touch and when he came back, he was eager to get in front of the cameras again. And now he is all grown up and that cute shaggy haired boy has become a well built man who isn't afraid to show you how much he likes his ass played with!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one starts out with Charlie already naked and ready to go. He bends over to get his furry straight ass trimmed. He spreads his ass for the clippers and holds still when his ass is razor shaved leaving his hot hole smooth and available. It looks so good, that I can't resist fingering it and he seems into it, because when he stands up, his cock is hard! He gets in bed and starts playing with his cock, it is his favorite toy! He sure looks cute in bed playing with his hard cock! He starts playing with ass with his finger and soon has two of his own fingers deep in his ass. His facial expressions as he strains to get them in deeper are priceless. His first toy is the small butt plug. His cock stays hard and he keeps jacking it. It isn't long before he wants something bigger, so he grabs a vibrator and fucks his tight little ass with it, still jerking his handful of hard cock. He is in the mood to try new things, so I just keep handing him toys. Of course each one is larger than the one before! A purple ribbed dildo is next, followed by the big white vibrator. After I fuck him with the vibrator while he jacks his hard cock, he goes for our infamous beer bottle! Charlie flips over on his knees and stomach to get fucked in a different position, and keeps his dick hard.

Next is the BIG red butt plug and Charlie makes everything but the flange disappear! I get him to hold his legs in the air and scream ''I'm getting fucked!'' and so he is! I had a new assistant working with me on this shoot and when he went to the grocery to get the produce for the shoot, I said get a cucumber and he came back with an 18'' English cucumber! So since we had it, I gave it to Charlie to use! He grins and takes right to it fucking his ass as deep a he can. He is actually amused by the whole thing! He is such a good sport and looks so hot that I give him the 12'' manrammer dildo to try. The smile never leaves his face as he greases the life-like latex phallus. You can almost see his mind racing ahead to how it is going to feel to get fucked by the gigantic toy. It takes some effort to get it in, but once he does, he works it deeper and starts jacking his dick. He gets his legs up and fucks his butt pretty hard, but after fucking him self doggy style, it gets to be too much for him and we call it quits for the day thinking we could add a cum shot in the next day or so to finish the shoot. But it wasn't to be and I had to wait almost 3 years to see him again!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Fast forward 3 years and Charlie is all grown up. His lithe frame has filled out and he has some impressive ink. The boy has become a man. We trim his pubes, arm pits and ass and he gets comfortable in bed ready to play. He looks especially hot when he grabs his trimmed ass and spreads it for you to see his little pink hole in a tight mouth-watering close up. He starts to finger his hot butt and then goes for a small butt plug. Next is a small vibrator that he uses to fuck his ass while he jacks his hard dick. He fucks his ass so deep that when he flips over on his knees, it stays in his ass hands-free and there's a drop of cum leaking out of his cock! Next is a glass dildo which he says is cold, yet it almost disappears! When he has fucked his ass good, he goes to the wider and longer vibrator and shoves it in his ass. He says he doesn't like it, but hard dicks don't lie! I am amazed when he flips over and fucks his ass doggy style and even makes he vibrator stay in his ass without holding it.

I toss a vibrator shaped like an ear of corn and make a crack about being corn-holed, which makes him smile a big ol' country boy smile. He gets it in, but his ass is so tight that it keeps popping the toys out! So he goes to a glass butt plug that I know will stay in! Charlie looks very relaxed as he poses with the plug, which allows you to see how dilated his ass really is. When he flips over in bed you will see how hard his cock is. When he pulls the plug out and spreads his ass, he shows you a nicely fucked hole that's ready for more! Well, one good butt plug deserves another, so Charlie shoves the bigger red one all the way in his ass and plays with his throbbing dick. He is going to have to get off pretty soon or burst! The sight of the plug being pulled out in a tight close up show his ass reluctantly giving up its prize. But he isn't ready to quit yet, so he fuckes his ass with the beer bottle. Surely as July follows June, at Gemini, a cucumber or zucchini follows a bottle, and this is no exception. He sticks the zucchini as far in his hungry ass as it will go and that's pretty far because it stays right where he puts it! He holds his legs up and looks hot getting fucked! In fact he looks hot in every position: doggy style and standing up with the end of the zucchini visible. Next he takes a life-like latex dildo and sucks it like it was a dick. He sucks and tongues the faux-phallus and then after he sucks it, he gets fucked with it. But it proves to be too much, and so Charlie goes back to the soothing comfort of the cold zucchini to cool down his scorched ass. After some pix, it doesn't take him long to cum and he shoots a white waterfall down his cock and hand to his belly and then he eats it! When he pulls the green cock out of his ass, it is dilated bigger than ever and he has a big grin on his face! A little posing with his toys and talking to him about doing some ''gay for pay'' scenes, and it's off the shower!

In the shower, Charlie soaps up his exhausted but satisfied body paying attention to all of his wondrous nooks and crannies. He even stops to jack his cock for a bit before bending over to spread his ass. Then he rinses off and grabs a towel. After drying off, he bends over the counter for a last butt shot!

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Charlie's Toy Box

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