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Casting Couch #1

This is the first volume in a new series, The Casting Couch. I have shot over 300 men of all types, size, colors and so forth. Probably the only thing they all have in common is they were of legal age! Some men only did one or two shoots and I don't have enough footage for an entire video, but they are too hot to ignore. So The Casting Couch will expose these ''one hit wonders!''

Amateur Video Scene 1:

JJ is up first and he's a dark haired 23 year old guy with a cute furry body. I guess he might be called a bear cub! He starts out clothed and strips showing you his body, and you are seeing it just as I saw it for the first time; all natural. He is comfortable being nude and poses for us before getting cleaned up in the studio bathroom. He shaves and showers and is even getting wood in the shower. After drying off he comes back in the studio. His cock is now completely hard and he poses for us showing us his furry buns and low hanging balls. Then he gets comfortable in the bed and does a good ''Butt Show'' on his back, stomach and knees. JJ then flips back on his back and starts jacking off. He works his cock until he shoots on his hand. More ass shots and he tries on some nipple clamps before calling it a day!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Phillip, or Phil is next and he's 24 from the mid-west. He has long hair and is quite mellow. He isn't shy about stripping and is soon showing you everything he's got. Once in bed, you even get a good look at his ass before he fingers it and takes a butt plug in his virgin hole. After his ''deflowering'' he turns over on his back and jacks his cock to a gooey climax that lands on his furry belly. He stands up as the cum drips down his torso and tries on the nipple clamps. Then he takes a hot shower, taking special care to get the lube out of his ass! Then he dries off and calls it a day.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Bam is up next. He is in his earl twenties and wants to be apron star. He gets naked so quick I hardly had any footage of him clothed! He also isn't butt shy, and you will see how eager he is to share his body. He starts jacking his dick to get it hard and then puts on cock ring, because that's what porn stars do! He starts fingering his ass and even uses some vibrators. Unfortunately this porn star doesn't cum, so he takes a shower and goes home!

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

Tony is last and definitely not least! He is a blonde 27 year old cowboy. He gets naked and in bed fairly quickly and shows you his hot ass. He talks a little about his sex life and admits to being fucked once. He jacks his dick, use a small butt plug and shoots on his belly and hand. After taking a shower, he wants to go a little farther and sucks a dick! He ends by giving you a long close up look at his very fine ass!

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Casting Couch #1

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