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Signature Series: Ben

Ben is a 21 year old straight guy from Michigan. He came to Florida for the sun and the beaches (or maybe he said bitches , I m not sure) either way I am glad he did. This former high-school football player (quarterback, natch) wants to work in construction or meet a rich woman to take care of him. My guess he will be swinging a hammer shortly! But for now he’s swinging his stuff for you through the eyes of my cameras. These are his first two shoots and I think you will agree he’s making remarkable progress! This is one hot straight guy and you get to see over 2 hours of him doing lots of things he never thought he’d do! And, with any luck, there’s lots more to cum. Oh my bad, I mean come!! I do have to tell you that in the first scene I had a noisy tripod that squeaked more than I had realized Guess I was so absorbed in the shoot I didn’t notice, but I did go out and get a new, quieter one for the next shoot!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

I had seen Brandon walking near a park. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and had a back pack. I stopped and talked to him for a bit; gave him a card and asked him to call if he was interested in making some money. He called and came in and that’s where we start the video. He’s a bit nervous. But I find that if I can get them to chat a bit and than work into getting naked slowly it works out better! So we chat about his statistics and sex life. It’s kind of cute that when I ask him how he defines him self sexually, he says I am very good! OK, I believe him but can’t wait to see proof!

After out little talk, I get him to pull his shirt up so we can see his chest and then drop his pants. He’s wearing boxer-briefs and it looks like his cock is semi-hard! I suggest that he take everything off and we start with some other clothes checking out some different looks for this hot young man. I slowly turn up the heat as he poses for my camera and manage to get some good close ups of his semi-hard cock and balls. He had already trimmed down below but I think it looks ok, and besides what can I do about it now? His cock is thick and has a big head, and I am sure it’s going to get a lot longer as they day goes on! His dick may get bigger, but the costumes are getting smaller and soon he is down to briefs, and then a thong and finally a jock strap.

Ben is sufficiently relaxed and is now used to taking direction so I have him sit in our big poppa san chair still wearing the jock. After the camera takes stock of his wonderful body, I ask him to take off the jock by bringing his legs up and sliding the jock up to his ankles. This is always a good way to get a glimpse of ass! And just like always, it works like a charm and there he is with his legs in the air, ass spread for your pleasure. When we see our first close up of his straight virgin ass, his furry hole winks at us! I even get him to talk about getting his ass eaten and he commands you to lick his hole and tongue fuck his ass. The line forms to the right.

After some talk about some of the kinky things he’s done, Ben oils up his cock and settles in to jack his dick. I shoot him from several angles and distances so you get to see everything from his facial expressions, his bulls tightening up as he gets close and his cock getting harder and harder. At one point he stands up so you can see how far north his cock is pointing! He sits back down and starts jacking his dick furiously. He wants to cum! Ben uses a variable speed approach to masturbation; going very fast and then slowing down. The camera is so close to his cock you can hear the lube as he pounds his meat. He actually cums twice, even though he says the first one was just pre-cum. There was enough cum to puddle at the base of his cock. But Ben keeps whacking and soon shoots another very impressive load of thick white juice on his torso half way up his chest and on his hand. He takes a minute to catch his breath while the camera shows you the results of his frantic hand job. Then he stands up with his load dripping down his smooth torso and poses with his fresh load. I shoot some good close ups of Ben’s cock, balls and ass and then he heads for the shower.

Ben takes a long, leisurely shower and you get to watch. Normally no one would get to see this handsome man alone in his shower relaxing as he tends to his personal hygiene. But he goes about his normal routine and in doing so puts on quite a show! Soaping up everything, every nook and cranny, lathering his hairy legs and armpits, letting the hot water run down his chest to his cock and balls. His dick starts to get hard again. He bends over to wash his butt and again you are treated to some tight close ups of this straight man’s pucker. When he’s finished, he towels himself dry and goes back into the studio for a quick lesson with the nipple clamps and one last great butt shot! As the camera fades we make plans for his next shoot.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It is two days later and Ben is back. After some convincing and assuring him that playing with toys doesn’t make a man gay, he’s going to try some butt play. I don’t know how far he will get, or even if he will freak out in the middle of the shoot, but we are going ahead full speed! He’s fully dressed, and just because I have never shot it before, I bring the camera close up to peek inside his shirt sleeves at his pits, up his shirt to see his chest, and down his jeans to try and see his cock chilling. It’s kind of like how we all secretly check out different parts of a man’s body as he moves around unaware of our attention. Ben starts to undress starting with his shirt and neck chain. Wearing only his jean shorts I get him to do a posing routine because he is o much more relaxed than the first shoot. After flexing and bending over spreading his ass, he drops his jeans to the floor and is totally naked, and totally hot! So a nude posing session is in order and he fills the bill admirably sharing his front and backside with us.

Now its time to get serious and start Ben’s anal education. We begin with hygiene and instruct him on how to have a clean hiney. Ok, he does an enema for the very first time. Looking a bit terrified, he’s a good sport nonetheless and follows through fingering his ass (for the very first time) and then sticking the nozzle up his virgin butt.

Lesson two is a really hot butt show done in bed. Ben shows his ass in every sexy come-fuck-me position I can think of: legs up on his back, on his stomach legs spread, on his knees (wouldn’t you love to ride him doggy-style?) and I can’t decide which looks better. He is equally eager to learn and to please. Did I mention how sexy and inviting his ass is? A real cute little pink hole surrounded by a natural growth that has never been touched! It is definitely worth of the Ass Hall of Fame! When he flips back over he is rock hard, so he shows you his hard cock and ass and after I give him some tips on fingering his ass, the fun begins! He starts slowly but goes deeper and deeper into his hot ass and soon he has a small butt plug planted firmly between his cheeks. After he gets used to the plug, I give him the smaller vibrator and ask him to see what he can do with it. He takes almost all of the six plus inches and jacks his hard dick while he’s getting fucked. Then he flips over on his knees and the toy stays in his ass--hands free. Next is an all glass dildo that is even longer! He slowly works it into his ass until he has it all! He jacks his cock and seems to be enjoying his education even turning the dildo to make it go deeper!

After he fucks himself with the glass dildo, I hand him a glass butt plug. He greases it up and has a bit of trouble getting it in; I coax him on breathing and relaxing (kind of like reverse-childbirth!!) and he doesn’t give up. At last the plug is very firmly in place and he can work on his cock again. He has it in for quite awhile and even gets in a doggy-style position with the glass anal invader. Next is the big red butt plug that seems to be a favorite with a lot of my guys. He poses with the plug with his legs in the air (I want him to get used to that position!!) After he pulls it out (slowly!) he spreads his hole for you and asks if it is getting bigger!

Ben then tries the big white vibrator worries that he has to take all 12 inches! He really does want to do a good show for you guys; and you got to love that! He does get about 8 inches up there and starts jacking his dick. When he is hard, I give him our infamous beer bottle and he takes it right in stride right in his ass! He shows you how hard his cock is while he’s getting fucked with the bottle and when it pops out, he shoves it right back in! I love his spunk! He does try another larger toy but it’s too big (for now) and he goes back to the red butt plug (or old faithful as we call it in the studio cause when all else fails, it works!) and when he has it in he stands up for you to see how hard his dick is and it is pointing due north!

Next he concentrates on getting off. He shoots a good load on his belly and then another first: he scoops some of his cum in his hand and eats it! BTW, he’s not real crazy about it! He did like the way his orgasm felt with the plug, and describes it as more intense. He lets me pulls the plug out and finger fuck his ass. It is the closest thing to sex with a man he has ever done.

Ben takes a long hot shower, taking special care to wash all the Vaseline and glide out of his ass crack! After a good soaping and rinsing our former high school quarterback bends over the sink to give you another look at his experienced ass!

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Signature Series: Ben

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