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Signature Series: JC

I shot this a few years back and had forgotten what a cute guy JC is! This is the compilation of 6 shoots (over 8 hours!) trimmed down to more than 2 and a 1/2 hours of hot male flesh. He's cute, smooth, trim, masculine, eager and sexually carefree. This video will turn on guys into arm pits, pleasure trails, low hanging balls, white cotton briefs, hot butts, toys, cum shots and shower play. I do have to tell you that he got some chigger bites on a hunting/camping trip and the welts do show on his thighs.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

JC is in the studio for his very first adult photo shoot. He is dressed casually in jeans and a wife beater; he knows what he wears doesn't matter because soon he won't be wearing anything! He is 25 and has a wonderful smile with dimples. As he strips he also tell us he has a farmer's tan and we see some of his ink. His chest is almost hairless and he has a light pleasure trail disappearing into his jeans. Because this is his first attempt, he needs a lot of direction and you get to watch and listen as we teach him how to do what we want. He unzips his jeans and slowly reveals the bottom half of his body. Unfortunately he got some chigger bites on a hunting trip, but to me that doesn't interfere with appreciating his thick cut cock, low hanging balls and round bubble butt! But I decide to go straight into the bedroom and will shoot some costume stuff later.

So J.C. is in bed very relaxed and looking sexy. He takes direction well and does everything I ask him to which of course leads to a Butt Show! And what a hot little butt he has! There isn't a pose he doesn't look totally fuckable! And you get to see them all and choose your favorite way to nail this guy! He stretches across the bed and a pour some oil on his torso and encourage him to explore his body with his hands. He rubs his chest and 6-pack abs, plays with his nipples and arm pit. His hands slide down his smooth torso to his stiffening cock and cum filled balls. Working on his dick gets quick results and he is jacking his hard dick in no time. While he jacks off he is watching some footage of a girl that I shot and he thinks he might get to do a sex scene with her. Somehow I doubt it, but what the heck; it keeps him going and growing! He gets his dick completely hard and then stands up so you can see him totally aroused. After some furious jerking, panting and exertion, JC shoots on his belly. J.C. takes a long hot shower to clean up and the camera goes all over his smooth wet body for your pleasure.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The very next day JC called and wanted to do another shoot. Of course, I said yes! He starts out in tight ripped jeans and a tank top. Various parts of his hot tanned body are exposed as he moves around and he even drops his pants, bends over and spreads his hot ass! We get into the costume shoot that I postponed yesterday. He's an eager model and we have a good time shooting him. Watching him change clothes is fun, too! But he keeps zipping his pants up and that is counter productive! But he finally gets it and lets it all hang out for a lot of cock shots and juicy butt shots. As he starts getting hard and begins playing with his cock, I get to show him how to do it for the camera and cop a not-so-quick feel! When he drops the shorts, his erect cock springs free and he stands there and jacks his dick.

After he gets in bed and strips, he gets his cock hard and starts working on his butt. He fingers his ass and then reluctantly slides a butt plug up his butt while he jacks his hard dick. If you think he was reluctant about the plug, wait until you hear him about a vibrator. But me thinks he doth protest too much, and he goes on to try the small vibrator. His cock does get hard while he's getting fucked, but he says he can't get off like that, so he straddles a mirror and shoots a huge load on the glass. Another butt show follows and I am sure he will be back soon!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

He did come back and he's helping move some plants in the back yard. Wearing a pair of small shorts, the sweat glistens on his tight body as he strains against the roots of the palm tree. When he's finished he comes into the studio for his third shoot. He's brought in some of his own clothes (like the Jack Daniels cut off tee shirt) and he shows me how he thinks he looks tight. You even get to see him blindfolded with a dog collar and nipple clamps. Bet that starts a few fantasies!

He gets back in bed and is very relaxed and down with whatever we suggest. He starts jacking his cock and when he gets totally hard, he begins to finger his ass getting it ready for more toys. His first toy is the same but plug he used before but its much easier today and he moves on to a vibrators. The small one is fine, but he balks at the larger one, saying there isn't enough lube in the world! But, guess what, it slides right up his tight little butt! He is surprised and that turns to serious doubt when I hand him a beer bottle and say ''Stick it!'' After some ridiculous objections (It might get stuck!) the beer bottle goes right up his ass as he jacks his hard cock. It goes so well that he flips over on his knees with the bottle and then fucks his ass with the vibrators in the same position. Next, he squats on the vibrator like he's riding a cock and jacks his dick until he shoots on his thigh.

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Amateur Video Scene 4:

His next shoot starts with him dropping his pants and getting naked almost as soon as he walks in. This is going to be a toy shoot, so he does an on-camera enema (or clean-out as the straight boys say) to make sure everything is clean. He gets his cock hard and then starts fingering his ass. He is much more relaxed for this his third toy shoot and it shows. He starts out with the smaller butt plug and I pile up some toys along side of him so he (and you) can see what he's in for, or rather what's going in him! His comments about the toys and how cold the zucchini (yes, zucchini) is, but JC is much more accepting than before even asking if I got a good shot of him shoving a vibrator in his butt! He puts some clothes pins on his nipples and jacks his hard cock. He moves on to a bigger vibrator and then the zucchini! He gets the green toy up his ass and jacks his cock; no more bitching and complaining about the anal invasion, in fact, he is very willing and helpful as he fucks his butt. He is so successful with the zucchini that he moves on to the much larger and longer manrammer dildo. He is surprised as the 10'' latex cock slides deep into his ass. He even flips over on his knees and fucks his butt doggy style!

After such intense fucking, JC relaxes with the toys all around him and just jacks his dick in assort of rest time. But he is soon back at his ass fingering his butt as he jacks his hard dick. Then he fucks his butt with a dildo and it is hot watching this life-like cock slide deep in this studs willing ass. But there is more: he sucks another realistic cock as he's getting fucked! I am amazed at how far he's come; he is getting good at virtual gay sex! I think if I had two guys standing by, he d be getting plugged at both ends! After such a good show, he deserves to get off, so he works on his cock. As he strains to cum, his chest heaves and his abs tighten signaling the rising sap. He shoots a good sized load in his hand and smears his stuff all over his cheeks and mouth. Stopping to lick his lips, he gives you two more looks at his ass: on his knees and on his back!

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

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Amateur Video Scene 5:

J.C. wants to go further and says he is ready to suck a real cock. He s pretty good at it and through some questioning, I find out he's a bit more experienced than he originally admitted! He tells you how long he's been sucking dick and you will be astounded! He closes by telling you all about what he's done today and how he liked it!

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Signature Series: JC

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