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Ryan's Toy Box

Ryan is one of my all time favorites and I highly recommend that you spend over 2 hours with this hot straight man! I first started shooting him in 1998 and we did a lot of work for almost 2 years. Then he got involved with a women who made him quit! Man, was I surprised when he called me a few weeks back and said she was history and asked if I was still interested in him! I just can't get enough of this 33 year old straight guy with his muscular, tanned physique, soulful blue eyes, long, thick cock and furry beefy ass! Hope you will find him as sexy as I do; I just wish you could run your hands over his tanned tight torso and feel those cum filled balls and heavy cock that pulses as you touch it and see the smile on his handsome face!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene one is a reunion of sorts as Ryan gets used to being back in the studio. A lot has changed while he was away; the last time I shot him I was still shooting VHS! But, damn does he look hot in his jeans and white tee. I always knew he had a great body but when he raises his tee shirt, I can see how hard he's been working on his abs! What a six-pack! And when he drops his jeans, his cock is almost hard and sways as he moves. When he is totally naked we can see tats on his shoulder, chest, arms and belly. He stands before us with a handsome smile in all his naked glory, and there is enough glory to start a new religion!

Once he's naked, I get him to go through some poses just getting caught up after all this time. We chat while we're shooting and he's clearly very relaxed. There are extreme close ups of his cock, balls and ass; he even squats on the camera! He starts jacking his cock and is hard in no time. As he works his cock, the camera roams all over his body showing it to you in close detail. Next I get him stretched out on a posing platform where the camera continues its visual love fest. Now he's on his side, on his knees and on his back with his legs in the air. No matter, he looks hot.

Next he's in bed on his back stretched out for a butt show. He shows you his furry ass with his legs up, on his stomach and on his knees. After we see him in all the hot come-fuck-me-positions, he starts working on his cock. It doesn't take him long to get it up and we get to watch him play with it before he starts to finger his ass! He wants to watch a porno while he plays, and puts on his glasses so he can see the damn screen!

It isn't long before he slides the small butt plug up his beefy butt and continues to jerk his hard cock. The butt plug is replaced with a vibrator and he has no problem staying hard while he fucks his ass. When he flips over on his stomach, it looks pretty hot to see this hunky straight stud lying there with a vibrator stuck in his ass so deep it stays, hands free! After he pulls the vibrator out (which you get to see in a close up) we take a short break where he worries about how big the toys are going to get! When he gets back in bed he tries the glass butt plug but can't quite get it in, even though he really tries heroically! I remind him that I have a hammer and/or a golf club!

Ryan has much better luck with the bigger red butt plug (go figure!) and is soon jacking his rock hard cock while feeling the plug deep in his ass. He does a posing routine with the butt plug and the settles in for some serious work on his cock. He shoots a load of very thick, very white cum on his hand and belly. He takes a minute to recover from his exertion and then stands up and as he stands there, you see's close up of the last drop of cum fall from his dick to the floor. He bends over to remind you that he still has the butt plug firmly in his butt! Getting back in bed, you see him remove the plug in a tight close up that lets you see his pucker stretch as he pulls the plug out.

A hot shower is next. I love watching a man shower and the camera follows every move as Ryan soaps his tanned body and lets the warm water rinse it off. After he dries off, he bends over the sink for another look at his sexy furry butt.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It's a few days later and Ryan is back in the studio. They are putting a new roof on the studio and some of the hammering filters through and is picked up by the camera. He looks hot as he poses in and out of his jeans and tank top. We talk about the trim job he's done on his pubes and he asks me to trim his ass. Ryan looks hot as he strips and poses in the mirror so we get two views for one! He's a good model and is generous in sharing his body with us. He strips completely and we get some more mirror shots and then its time to trim his ass. It was his idea not mine, but I am only too happy to comply. He gets on his knees and I get him to tell you just what we're about to do. Then I get the clippers and trim (not shave) his beefy ass. He spreads his smooth butt hole for your inspection and checks it out for himself in the mirror.

Next he does yet another butt show for us in the big round poppa san chair. His cock starts to harden as I shoot him with his legs up high and wide. He has never really been butt-shy and even seems to get off on showing his body. He gets comfortable on the floor on a quilt and shows you some more butt before he starts some serious ass play. Since he is already hard, I make him show you his cock from all angles before he gets started with his butt show.

He starts with his finger and quickly moves on to the small butt plug. His cock stays hard so he moves on to the small vibrator and then the glass dildo get buried in his hot ass. He fucks his butt and then tries the larger vibrator. He gets pretty active with the 10'' plastic toy fucking his ass deeply while he jacks his 8'' dick. He has it so deep it stays in his ass hands free while he has high legs up as high as he can. When it pops out, he replaces the vibrator with the red butt plug. You see him on his back and on his stomach plugged in, so to speak! After spending some quality time with the red plug, Ryan pulls it out and again you get to see it close up. After spreading his hole, he shoves the glass plug all the way in. Yes, the same glass butt plug he couldn't do in the last shoot is now embedded in his ass!

After the glass butt plug, Ryan fucks his butt with the infamous beer bottle and then goes on to a zucchini which almost disappears into his tight ass. He stands with the green toy in his ass and defies the laws of gravity before stretching out to jack his dick. He shows you how hard he is and then jacks his dick until he shoots on his tight belly. Ryan stands again with the zucchini firmly in place and poses for us a bit and then takes another hot shower to get all the grease out of his ass and goes home to his new girl!

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Ryan's Toy Box

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