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JackBuddies #54

Amateur Video Scene 1:

We join Chance and Charlie in the studio waiting to start their shoot. Charlie is just out of the shower and is just wearing a towel; Chance is fully dressed. Chance comes up behind him and starts kissing Charlie’s neck and ears as his hands roam over his chest. They kiss and Chance drops Charlie’s towel giving him access to all of his body. He licks his way down Charlie’s torso getting on his knees to suck his cock and tongue his balls. Charlie gets hard almost at once as Chance keeps licking and sucking. After he gets his mouth piston fucked, Chance licks his way back up to a kiss before Charlie starts licking his way down to Chance’s massive meat!

Charlie is more into cock sucking and he gives Chance’s horse cock a thorough tongue bath stopping only to lick his balls. After he finishes worshiping the huge cock, the two men get down for a health 69 suck session which ends up with Chance on top of Charlie as they exchange blow jobs. Chance moves to rimming Charlie’s hairy ass and getting it ready for some vibrators. After playing with the toys for s few minutes, Charlie starts sucking on Chance again trying to get him to cum before Chance can fuck him. I think he’s a little afraid of the huge cock he’s been sucking on! Charlie enjoys playing with the big dick slapping it against his face and trying to deep throat it! He keeps twisting and jacking the huge cock until Chance shoots all over Charlie’s cheeks and mouth leaving cum dripping down his handsome face! After a kiss, they change places and Chance starts working on Charlie’s cock. He shoots on Chance’s face returning the oral favor. They end with a kiss and I am sure they will meet again!

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

The second session features Charlie and Casper coming together in the studio together for the first time. They are fully dressed but take care of that after they make out. Each man takes turns striping the other as they continue kissing. Charlie pulls Casper’s shorts down and his semi hard dick pops out and into Charlie’s waiting mouth. He sucks on Casper and gets him fully hard in no time at all! He continues sucking and seems to he really enjoying it before coming back to his feet to kiss Casper. Casper starts working his way down Charlie’s hairy torso with his tongue. He rips Charlie’s shorts off and starts sucking his cock. Charlie loves it and responds quickly. Casper is a pretty good cock sucker, too and these two men are having a great time!

The guys get down with a friendly 69 that keeps them both hard and horny! Charlie grabs a condom and after sliding it on Casper, gets in position to get fucked! He warms up with some vibrators and Casper even fucks him with one before shoving his own hard dick in Charlie’s hot ass! After some really hard and deep fucking on his back, Casper gets Charlie bent over and rams his cock all the way in! Charlie gasps in surprise as he is skewered with the hard dick. But he’s not complaining!

After some more deep slamming, he fucks Charlie doggy-style and then flips him on his back for some more! They finish up with Charlie sitting on Casper’s hard dick and riding it like it was at the circus! After a lot of talk about where they are going to cum, with Charlie saying he wants it all in his mouth, the guys end up shooing on each other’s stomachs. They kiss and then head for the shower. In the shower, they soap up, kiss and agree to do it again!

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JackBuddies #54

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