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Signature Series: Billy

Billy is a 23 year old skater boy. He is tall and lean, and his chest hair is just starting. He had never thought about his ass for anything pleasurable; we changed that. The very first time this straight kid put something in his ass he shot immediately! He went on to use almost every toy in our studio staying hard and shooting intense orgasms every time. I think you will enjoy his innate innocence and his eagerness to please is engaging, but this video is a must have for fans of uncut-cock!

Amateur Video Scene 1:

This is the very first time Billy stepped before our cameras. He is nervous but eager to be a porn star. He can't wait for all the hot naked chicks to show up! (If they do show up, I hope they bring their boyfriends or brothers! To help him relax, I start off slowly asking him some questions. I can gauge how nervous he is by his answer to how tall he is: nine feet eleven! I maneuver the conversation toward sex and we find out he is 23, straight and not very experienced. After the mini-interview, he stands up and I talk him into taking off his clothes piece by piece revealing his body slowly and teasingly. He is lean, tanned with a bit of chest hair and a sexy pleasure trail. When he drops his boxers, I am surprised to find out he is uncut and has quite a foreskin, and I get a lot of tight close ups for you ''skin fans!''

By the time he is naked, he is more relaxed and the shoot takes on a more casual care-free slant as he jokes and gets into it! Billy is eager to please and frequently asks how he is doing. We continue to take it slow; I don't want to spook this young colt and make him bolt! We shoot in the mirror so you get two Billy's and can see him from more angles. A short costume shoot starts in shorts and a shirt and ends with him in a black thong. Of course he has never worn a thing before and isn't all that into it, but when he bends over in the tiny garment, we see the first of hint of his hairy butt crack. With that teasing view in mind, he lays down on the platform. In no time at all, his legs are in the air and he is even spreading his cheeks!

Next we get him comfortable in the big round poppa san chair. After a few relaxing shoots, he slides down and gets his legs up. No longer butt shy, he is spreading as wide as he can and we have a front row seat for where the sun don't shine! The sun may not have shined there, but the studio light sure do as they illuminate his virgin pink asshole for the first time in his 23 years. We see a lot of this guy's ass and he is very accommodating! Billy wants all the ladies to see his hot ass!

It is time for his first on-camera cum scene, and he starts by playing with his ample foreskin. His cock starts to react, stiffening as he runs his fingers in his cock head. Soon his cock is too hard and the foreskin is too tight to be comfortable, so he jacks his dick in preparation for his XXX Debut. When he is totally hard, he stands up so we can see his thick uncut cock. He jacks his dick standing up before sitting down and continuing his show. Some serious concentrated hand work produces a load all over his belly. He shows you his load and stands up so you can see him cum dripping down his torso. A hot shower follows, and yes, he does drop the soap! I love watching as a sexy man take a shower, and Billy doesn't disappoint.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

It is 2 days later and Billy is back. On the way to the studio Billy and I had a talk in the car. I talked to him about playing with some toys, and he has agreed to try. What a brave young man! We start with some more costume work but quickly get to the action. He starts on his back and quickly strips off the black thong and does a butt show for you. On his back, on his stomach on his knees, you get to see it all! He even does some ass flexing for you! He starts massaging his hole with his fingers which just happen to have lube on them! Soon a finger slides deep in his virgin ass. It is a first for him and you get to watch as this cute skater boy looses his cherry! After some self finger fucking, I toss him a small butt plug to replace his digit. It's a job , he says! But he also says it isn't that bad and he could get used to it! After posing with his new toy firmly implanted in his ass on his back and on his knees, we can see his cock start to stiffen when he rolls over. He jacks his cock and he gets harder and harder. Billy pulls the toy out in a tight close up and I give him his next toy: a vibrator. He looks at it skeptically, but says it is smaller then he is so he greases it and starts fucking his ass! It almost disappears and he feels like he's going to shoot! I ask him to wait but it is too late. His throbbing dick shoots his load on his belly hands free but he uses his hand to scoop some of his stuff and eats it! Another first! We take a short break and then go back to his Anal Education. Not only do I love how quick 20 years olds reload, I am jealous!

Billy goes back to the vibrator and I get to teach him more relaxation techniques as he lets me finger his ass and slide a butt plug in his ass! After he gets his cock hard, he starts fingering his ass again and then slides the butt plug back in place. He continues working on his erect cock but quickly goes back to the vibrator. He almost cums again, so we back up and I get to fuck him with the vibrator. He helps me by spreading his cheeks as wide as he can! We decide not to push it too much and after another hot shower, we make plans for another shoot.

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

It's a week later and Billy is back for another toy session. He has been practicing at home and I can't wait to see the results! He comes in from the bathroom after stripping down to his boxers saying he's ready and has a surprise for me! He came with a big red butt plug already in his ass! After doing a butt show with the black thong and red butt plug (a Technicolor dream!) Billy does the same but show sans thong but still plugged in! He starts his toy shoot by fingering his ass with 2 fingers and quickly fucks himself with the small vibrator. That isn't enough and soon the BIG white vibrator is deep in his ass fucking the hell out of him! What a difference his practicing makes! He goes on and fucks himself with a beer bottle, a corn cob vibrator, a vinyl banana, and a zucchini. Along the way, he slips some clothes pins on his nipples for a different sensation.

After some pretty intensive zucchini fucking and posing, Billy pops the zucchini out of his ass, hands free and moves on to the huge 12'' manrammer dildo. It is his first encounter with a toy shaped like the male member. I am not sure how this straight guy will react! But Billy sucks on to show his girl how he likes it and then rams it home deep into his ass. He fucks his butt and even sits down on the huge latex cock. He did so well with the manrammer, I give him the realistic cock and balls dildo and ask him to suck it. He does and then sits on the huge cock and rides it. He shoots another hot load in his hand and eats it again. To close, Billy shows you all his toys and tells you what he's done.

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amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

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Signature Series: Billy

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