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Signature Series: Ace

I met Ace on busy Busch Blvd. Here in Tampa, just down the street from Busch Gardens. He was a good model and I was surprised how eager he was to do gay for pay stuff. He brought a new model in on his second shoot. It was a blonde guy from Massachusetts who I turned into Cody Cash. The rest is gay-porn history. Anyway, fate can be kind and cruel at the same time: it gave me Cody, and took away Ace. But I did get two hot shoots in and this video is the result. I thought he was very masculine, sexy, hot and thoroughly worth capturing for all time hope you agree

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Scene One starts with a close up of Ace rubbing his crotch. He is shirtless and looking good. He pulls his hard dick out and the fun begins! I get him to go through our costume shoot to see what he looks good in, and to relax this New York native who thought he had seen it all. In one thong, he bends over and spreads his hot hairy ass for our first peak at pink. Of course, several more hot butt shots follow. And at one point I show exactly how I want him to spread his ass! Ace stays pretty aroused through the costume shoot and there are a lot of hard dick shots also. Soon he's oiling up his torso, playing with his nipples and licking his biceps, so it must be time to get serious. Ace gets into bed and does one of the hottest butt shows I have ever filmed. For a guy who looks like he'd never let another man see his ass, Ace is surprisingly accommodating and very limber! He poses and spreads on his back, on his stomach and on all fours. Each position looking like he's ready to get fucked. All that spreading has him hot and bothered so he starts to jack his dick. Soon he's hard as a rock and jacking his very respectable dick for all he's worth, and after a couple of baby oil applications, he shoots a load on his smooth flat abs. Then it's off to the shower to clean the baby oil off. In the shower, Ace lathers up and shows you everything as he gets clean.

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amateur porn dvd

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene two takes place two days later and starts with Ace getting ready for a shoot in which he's agreed to try some toy play. He takes a hot water enema and in soon in bed with some lube and a vibrator. He gets his dick hard watching a straight porn, and soon he's waving his flagpole all around. He begins by fingering his virgin ass and after experiencing some new feelings, he shove a butt plug in. His dick stays hard and he seems to enjoy showing you how hard his dick is. I give him a vibrator that he inserts with no trouble and continues to jack his ever-hard cock. He's cool so far, so I give him a larger vibrator and watch in surprise as he calmly fuck his virgin ass with the 10'' toy. After about 7-inches are deep in side him, he cums all over his chest and belly in a much larger load then the previous non-toy one! He even tastes his own cum and talks about getting fucked.

amateur porn dvd

amateur porn dvd

amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene three is a short bonus in which Ace sucks some cock like a pro. I never could get a grip on this guys past, but sure wish he had been around awhile longer. And I never thought I'd see this butch, straight totally masculine on his knees sucking dick. Who knows what (or who) he might have done!

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amateur gay porn and straight porn videos

Signature Series: Ace

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