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Cuba: Top To Bottom

Technical Note: There are some technical glitches in the sound, but I thought the footage was too hot not to use!
Make no mistake this is one hot man. Cuba is 27, 5'10 and built. And when he strips, he shows you one of the most truly amazing cocks I have ever seen! (And I got to hold and play with it!!!) He speaks 4 languages and has recently worked as an interpreter for me with a Spanish model (Wait until you see Eduardo!!) He may have had some bi experiences in the past, but now lives with a woman (a real bitch) and leads a basically straight life. Except when he comes over to my studio.

Amateur Video Scene 1:

Mike Scott and Cuba are already naked in the studio. Cuba is on his knees and is playing with Mike's hard dick. He will play with it, but he's not going to suck it! He rubs Mike's hairy chest and does a good hand job until Mike says enough of this and grabs Cuba's cock and swallows the beast. I think Cuba is surprised how good it feels and is starting to rethink the whole sexual thing. Maybe straight isn't all it's cracked up to be! Mike loves to suck cock now and you can tell he isn't faking it! He licks Cuba's hot biceps, pits and pecs and works his way down to his 10'' dick again! He can't get enough. Cuba tries a little pec and pit licking of his own and I do believe he is loosening up! To break the tension and give Cuba time to process these new feelings, the two men bend over and put on a little dual butt show! I can tell that Cuba might go a little further today, so I get Mike to jack off on his handsome Latin face! Mike shoots a big load and then licks Cuba's face clean! And this is just the first 11 minutes of this video! Next is the hot, steamy shower the guys took after their sexy make-out cum shoot. Mike lathers Cuba up stem to stern and even gets in some more cock sucking (Have I created a cock sucking monster?) Pushing his boundaries a little further, Cuba begins to soap Mike's hot hairy body. Slowly at first, then more enthusiastically he explores another man's body for the first time. And we all know how much fun that is! After the shower, the guys pose for me in some romantically cuddly buddy poses. We're still chipping away at his straight psyche.

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Amateur Video Scene 2:

Scene Two starts with a very relaxed Cuba looking hot in ripped jean shorts and a seat stained wife beater. He's in an adventuresome mood, so I blindfold him and slap some nipple clamps on him. As a tingle starts to run through him I give him an intimate rub down. His muscles feel great and I have to stay focused if this video is every going to be made, so back to the damn camera. I rip the wife-beater off of him and play with his ever-hardening nipples. I unzip his fly and massage the pouch of his jock strap. I can feel his huge cock stiffening and so I release it. God, what a monster. And unlike a lot of big dicks, this one gets hard as a rock! Playing with it is fun and hot, but there's also a terrific ass behind it, so I spin him around and start working on that tight straight butt. He is very accommodating and bends over. Yes, his balls are huge, too and hang almost to his knees. This is obviously not going to be a sane shoot, so I set up the sling and Cuba gets in. Now he is lying on his back in mid air, legs up high and wide and his butt open to the world. He has never been so vulnerable. But he is eager for a new sensation. And it starts with a thorough finger fucking of his tight ass. His cock gets hard and he relaxes as the pleasure of getting fucked takes over. After a quick break to shave ass (I want you to be able to see the action this hot Latin hole is going to see) the toys come back out and as I jack his huge cock, he gets fucked with fingers, some butt plugs, a couple of vibrators, the infamous beer bottle and a really huge flesh colored dildo. He jacks his hard cock as the dildo fucks his ass and after a really good fucking, shoots a monster load of hot cum all over his hand, his cock and the toy. When he looks at you and says, ''Man, did I get fucked!'' You will believe it!

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Amateur Video Scene 3:

Scene Three is the Main Event. It is time for Cuba to bottom. He is very up beat about it and jacks his dick as he talks about getting fucked for the first time. He bends over and greases up his ass, using his finger to prep his tight almost virgin hole. He prepares himself by doing an enema (which makes his cock grow in leaps and bounds) and disappears into the bathroom. When he comes out, it is show time. Cuba gets on his knees and sucks cock. He's pretty good at it as he deep throats and pays attention to the head. He licks it like a lollypop and another frontier is crossed! He gets on the sofa and asks how I want to fuck him: on his back or doggy style. I tell him we re going to experiment. He likes that! He slides a condom on my hard dick and I fuck him lying on his side facing the camera. After the initial shock of loosing his cherry, he begins to jerk his dick and get it hard as ever. He holds his legs up for me and takes his fucking like a man grabbing my hips and pulling me closer and deeper. This is great, but I promised variety, so Cuba sits on my dick and rides it. I love this position in porn because you can't fake it. Yes, this straight Latin stud is really getting FUCKED and LOVES it! The third position is Cuba standing bent over. I shot this in the mirror and it didn't take long for him to shoot a huge load all over the glass! A cute little declaration of his loss of virginity and we're done! Hope you are!

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Cuba: Top To Bottom

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